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Pitha Utsav and Makar Sankranti are celebrated in Michigan

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Pitha Utsav and Makar Sankranti have been celebrated in various places in the US state of Michigan. On this occasion, Puja, Kirtan, Nagar Parikrama, Pitha competition are organized in various organizations, temples and institutions. A large number of people participate in it.

Durga Temple
Pitha Utsav and Makar Sankranti were celebrated on January 28 at Durga Mandir in Detroit City. On this occasion, various programs are organized in the temple throughout the day. Later, Puja, Gita Path, Kirtan, Nagar Parikrama were performed. A large number of devotees came to the temple with pithas despite the extreme cold.

Especially women come to the temple from Detroit, Hatramack, Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy, Madison Heights, Shilvey Township, Rochester Hills, Ann Arbor to participate in the pitha competition. Pitha display and competition are held in the hall hall of the temple.

Devotees take part in the competition with different flavors, different colors, different types of pitas. More than 60 contestants took part in it with hundreds of trays of various pithas. Everyone present tasted the pitha. Judges award first, second and third place based on the taste, quality of the pita. Lovely Dash got the first prize, Trishita Dey got the second prize and Kaya Chowdhury got the third prize. Minti Chowdhury and Meenakshi Dhar got the prize for quantity and beauty of pitha (tray decoration) respectively.

Also a special prize is given to all the participants in pitha competition. The awards were sponsored by Pradeep Chowdhury, Nipesh Sutradhar, Partha Dev, Ujjal Sutradhar, Mrigank Roy and Dash Enterprises respectively.

Pankaj Das, President of Durga Temple, said, ‘This year, the crowd has increased compared to other years. We could not accommodate fans in the hall this time. People have come from different places with trays of over a hundred pies.’

Pitha Utsav is going on at Durga Mandir in Detroit City.  Photo: Author

Durga Mandir media and publication director and prominent cultural figure Partha Sarthi Dev while talking to reporters said, ‘Pitha festival has been taking place here since the temple was established. Day by day its prevalence, scope and attraction is increasing. Durga Mandir is giving guidance to the new generation by highlighting the traditions of Bengali and Bengali culture by organizing various cultural and social events in addition to religious events.

Shiva Temple
Pitha Utsav and Makar Sankranti were celebrated on Saturday, January 20 at the Shiva Temple in Warren City. Puja, kirtan and pitha competition are held on this occasion. Devotees of the temple participated in it. After the competition prizes are distributed among the participants.

Makar Sankranti and Pitha Utsav were also celebrated at Kali Mandir in Warren City on Sunday, January 14.

Moreover, traditional religious people eat Paush Parban in their own homes, make pithapuli and feed others. Like in the country, there is a custom of eating big fish especially big shellfish on this day.


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