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Pilgrims walk 12 kilometers for the last prayer

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The first phase of Biswa Ijtema, the second largest public gathering of the Muslim Ummah, is coming to an end today at Turag Bank in Tongir, Gazipur. The final prayer begins after 9 am on Sunday. Many people came to the Ijtema Maidan on foot to participate in the final prayer. Many people stayed on the roofs of roads, highways, alleys and houses.

From midnight on Sunday, pilgrims from Dhaka and Gazipur’s surrounding districts came to the Ijtema Maidan area through Gazipur’s Bhogra Bypass, Chandna Chowrasta, Board Bazar, College Gate, Airport, Uttara, Abdullahpur, Kamarpara and Tongi railway station areas. As the day progressed, the flow of worshipers increased.

On the occasion of the last prayer, the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway was thronged by devotees before dawn. Everyone left to attend the final prayer. The distance from Bhogra bypass to Ijtema field is 12 km. The pilgrims left for the Ijtema ground after walking all this way to participate in the final prayer.

Labib, a worshiper who came to participate in the last prayer, said that he came to the Bhogra bypass area at 6:30 am on Sunday. Waited for some time for transport. Without getting transport, he started walking like other devotees. He will walk the whole way.

Not only Labib, thousands of people like him are now heading towards Turagmukhi. They are coming for Ijtema in groups with prayers and papers.

Since morning, thousands of worshipers have taken up positions at Oligli, Tongi-Kamarpara Road, Station Road, Abdullahpur Tongi Road around Tongir Ijtema Maidan. Many women have come among them. However, Tabligh Jamaat prohibits women from entering the main arena of Ijtema. In this situation, many women were seen taking a position on the roof of the house.

Hedayeti Bayan starts after Fajr prayer on Sunday. Maulana Ziaul Haque of Pakistan gave the sermon. After that, India’s Maulana Ibrahim Deola Saheb spoke for some time.


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