Home News Pick yourself up and move on. The method of the world-renowned professor Ervín Adam worked in a concentration camp, in emigration and during a hurricane

Pick yourself up and move on. The method of the world-renowned professor Ervín Adam worked in a concentration camp, in emigration and during a hurricane

Pick yourself up and move on.  The method of the world-renowned professor Ervín Adam worked in a concentration camp, in emigration and during a hurricane

NIt’s the first time. I advise you not to worry, just pack your suitcase and go. Or even without a suitcase. He laughed, but he wasn’t kidding when he called in the spring of 2022 and invited me to Houston. Tanks came to Ukraine in the same way as they liberated Prague in 1968, and professor Ervn Adam saw the situation clearly. That time in August, the woman and I were just teasing each other and we were clear. He was in his fifties, it was clear that it was not an ideal age for a new arrest, but the Russians were being taken to the barbed wire. To be closed for n again? Never. This is how I packed the tikrt suitcase. I was really asking for everything, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t a reason either. I’m a freedom hunter, it’s worth it.

Professor Ervn Adam, a prominent Czech-American epidemiologist who was responsible for the eradication of polio in Czechoslovakia and who contributed to the research cancer of the long pku at Baylor University in Houston, USA, he died on the 21st of May at the age of 101, and I dare say that he was a free-spirited person until the end.

In the 1950s, Erv led

In the 1950s, Ervn Adam led a boy who succumbed to polio in Slovakia to the Bulovce crack. In the photo, he is the first on the left, next to him is his wife.

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The need for freedom gave him energy and strengthened his indomitability, determined the direction of his career in private and in the world. Do you know what life decides in the end? Moments, you don’t even realize their meaning given the situation. Is it coincidence, fate? I don’t know how to drive, but I know how to marry, and I’ll find out, he laughed when he went to celebrate his birthday with me in Houston last year.

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So was it an accident or fate who saved him on the 12th of 1941? At that time, Martian ethnics broke into the house of the first-born Mr Adlerstein and took him and his wife from Rachov, a small town in Subcarpathian Russia, towards the eastern border. And there they simply disappeared. Ervn Adam found out about the fact that his relatives were executed on August 27 and 28, 1941 together with 23,600 Jews in Kamenec-Podolsk, and for a long time the other worlds of wolves. He found their names on the archival list of obt tit is the first of the mass rumors of the horse and the Jewish head. The Germans were precise, my parents didn’t forget to tell me that their children were wrong. Why weren’t my sister and I executed? Tta was packing a suitcase under Etnk’s supervision when I entered the door. I came from tennis, I didn’t understand what was going on, but my father was unconscious. He said to me in Maarsk, and I’m going to prepare for the journey, and then he asked in Esk: Utete!And so my sister and I jumped out of the window in the next room.

06 Adam family

Poet’s family did not drink wolf. In the years 1944-1945, the then twenty-two-year-old young man went through several concentration camps, went on a death march, and when he finally went home to Europe, he found only six relatives from a family of 34.

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Why didn’t the Maai chase them? Unexpected And so he did not realize how the father met him when, a few years later, in the concentration camp, he discovered a gold necklace in the heel of the shoe that the guards had given him. At least I was drenched in rust. He must die for that. But the friend of Stein exchanged the perk with the kup for a portion of the extra half. We received it from June 1944 to January 1945, that semi-truck saved our lives.

He had to fight for his life many times: during the death march from the camp in Monowitz to Gleiwitz, then in Buchenwald, where barely half of the soldiers arrived. And when they were driven from Dachau to the countryside under machine guns, they had no doubt that it was a death sentence. We stopped somewhere in a field and the SS started shouting: Who can’t, get out of the line!I got out, then the boy next to me, the comrade, the aunt, we were expecting a bullet to the ground, but they forced us into the wagon standing still on the track. The train started moving. When I woke up, an American soldier was standing over me. He never found out, for the SS at that time, they laid out a train that they could march on.

The house is in a mess

When we were working on his memories. At first he wanted to avoid the wolf: She was always described by another and more important, you, Ellie Wiesel. But in the end, he couldn’t miss those crucial, let’s say fateful, moments.
Among them was the return to Rachov, where he found houses demolished and only six of the 34 former. It took me one day. I never mess around there. He didn’t have anything to pack, he just had copies of the birth certificates issued for himself and his sister, who was looking forward to it, and then they set off for Prague. We met Father Pavlov at the beginning of 1944, when he started to build a concrete shelter in the forest. We always heard the stoves from the front lines of the Soviet army! They just herded us all into the cattle and drove them to Osvtimi, while Pavel and his family went without a hitch. He was wise, and when he said in the 50s that we were emigrating to Prague, I had no doubts.

Even when in 1919 and 1939 Subcarpathian Rus was a part of Slovakia and many of its inhabitants, including the Adlersteins, fell in love with its principles, it was the same in Prague from scratch. He worked hard, studied, made a name for himself and failed medicine. After graduating from Charles University, he and his wife Vlasta fell in love with polio. In the Bulovce Hospital, they invented the concept of the skull and led a chain of surgery all over the country, with Ervn Adam becoming the head of the clinic. It was only in 1960 that Bulovka was sent a political letter and he lost his job as a non-partisan of the Jewish cause. And when, eight years later, the troops of the Varavsk Treaty came to thorn trees, he and his family again packed only the bare essentials.

After emigrating in 1968, one of the

After emigrating, before they left Europe, Ervn Adam went to see what was left of the Dachau concentration camp. He took the whole family on a flight into the past.

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While the concentration is beyond the grasp of many of us, we can only imagine how difficult it is to establish yourself in America, and especially in medicine and science. Professor Adam never failed to mention that he would not have been able to do it without a priest. After moving to Texas, Vlasta Adamov concentrated on his medical practice, so he could accept Joseph L. Melnick’s offer from Baylor University in Houston and engage in research at the Department of Virology and Epidemiology. He joined the project, only researching the role of the virus in relation to human diseases. Together with colleagues in Houston and Prague, where he worked long-term with virologist Vladimr Vonka and gynecologist Jim Kaka for years, he eventually contributed to the process that led to the vaccine against lung cancer. He received international recognition for this and, by the way, ince 2012my head prestin prized for knowledge and research. That u he was able to return to Prague for a long time and he was here alone, and he was accompanied by his wife, daughters Alice and Karolina, or he met the birds.

Fall and always get back up

The worst is the first time, he told me when I called him in August 2017. He teased again, he couldn’t be laughed at.

I listened with bated breath as Hurricane Harvey took the city by storm, not destroying his house, but flooding it. And when the water receded, in the Texas summer heat came the felt. He managed to save only six idols, the paintings that hung on the walls, and my suits and coats, he discovered the contents of his long suitcase. It was min almost 95 years and I was certainly not the only one who was worried about how the construction and long reconstruction of the house would withstand. Set And he died in his home on Thursday.

After each fall, you have to pick yourself up and continue to pursue your goal, even in seemingly lost circumstances. This is how his close friend Professor Josef Kouteck characterized Ervno Adam’s life philosophy when he wrote the foreword to his memoirs. Yes, it worked perfectly. And when was it the hardest? Bake only at first


Everything is different: the journey of an Eskho epidemiologist from Subcarpathian Russia to Auschwitz to Prague and Houston. The book was written with Ervn Adam by HN colleague Irena Jirk. Howled in 2018.On the cloud, he and his sister Edita are imprisoned in a kind of wolf world.

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