Home Sports Peugeot E-5008: what is it like, when does it arrive and what does it add compared to the E-3008?

Peugeot E-5008: what is it like, when does it arrive and what does it add compared to the E-3008?

Peugeot E-5008: what is it like, when does it arrive and what does it add compared to the E-3008?

Tafter the appearance of E-3008, Peugeot has just shown the new E-5008which will come in autumn and is once again an option for those who need space for up to seven occupantsor at least with extra spaciousness for luggage.

25 extra long

The new model, which uses the so-called plataforma STLA Mediumstomach 4.79 meters long (25 cm longer than the e-3008), 1.89 m wide and 1.69 m highand dispenses with the coupe-type tailgate in favor of a longer roof and a more vertical gate, in order to expand the interior volume appropriately.


To tell the truth, we are not surprised by its appearance because it is very similar to that of the new e-3008. But features such as the new ones are still very attractive. ultra-compact Led headlights, with Pixel Led technology and adaptive capacity so as not to dazzle other traffic; the roof profiles in contrast (there is no trace of chrome on its bodywork) or the aerodynamic rims, which can be 19 or 20 inches.

three rows

But let’s focus on what sets it apart from the E-3008, which is that greater load capacity and greater capacity. In this sense the first difference comes through some longer rear doors, that present the occupants with a second-row bench made up of three seats in 40/20/40 proportions (the one with the narrowest center, without it having to be more uncomfortable).


This bench, unlike the E-3008, slides longitudinally by means of rails to move away or closer to the front seats, while the backrests can be recline independently to five different degrees.

And to access the third row, where if we want it can ride two seats folding accessories, the new Peugeot has the system Easy Access, that folds the backrest of any of the second-row side seats while sliding the entire seat forward.

Huge trunk

In this configuration of third row seats deployed, the E-5008 offers a 259 liter trunk. But if we have the second row folded, the capacity increases to 748 litersand even grows up to 1.815 (with two meters of loading length) if in case of specific need we also have to fold the second row seats. And to all this is added that under the third row seats there is a space for additional 80 liter storage to leave everything we want to remain even more hidden.


And there is still a difference that the occupants of this SUV in the elongated version will notice, and it is a panoramic sunroof which promises spectacular luminosity and whose front half can be opened.

For the rest, the cabin of the E-5008 has the new Panoramic i-Cockpit with two screens that appear to form a single curved panel with a diagonal of 21 inches. The part above the steering wheel (which is newly designed and incorporates controls that detect the driver’s fingers) is reserved for driving (speed, energy flows…), while the right part is reserved for air conditioning, navigation , audio, etc.

Configurable controls

To make handling the usual functions easier, the new Peugeot also has what they call e-Toggles, which is nothing other than touch controls that are personalized to give access to the 10 functions that the driver uses most.


One of them may be the TomTom connected navigation, featuring trip planner and calculates the optimal itinerary to reach our destination, the battery with which we will arrive, the traffic, the type of road, the charging points… Other, the function ChatGPT, that offers us information of all kinds and does not serve as a ‘butler’, as a voice function “OK Peugeot” which we can verbally ask to turn on the air conditioning, call one of our contacts, etc.

AGR seats

Of course these are some of the attractions that the E-5008 will offer when traveling, as are the new optional front seats with AGR certification awarded by a German association of doctors and therapists who are experts in back pain. They are upholstered in Tep and teña or Tep and Alcantara, and have, among other arguments, a adaptive side support that inflates or deflates to better adapt to the back width of those who occupy them.


The E-5008 will hit the market with three electric versions, a 48V hybrid and a variant plug-in hybrid. The first ones have permanent magnet synchronous motors that will offer power of 210 CV, 230 CV with long range battery and 320 CVthe latter with two engines and Four-wheel drive.

Up to 660 km of autonomy

Las ion batteries lithium have a chemical composition NMC (nickel, manganese and cobalt), they have a 400V voltage and house 73 kWh in the simplest variant and nothing less than 98 kWh in ‘long range’, which has allowed them to announce autonomies (pending approval) of between 500 and 660 km in WLTP cycle.

These electric versions incorporate a 11 kW three-phase charger, that can happen to another 22 kW optional, and they admit charging powers up to 160 kWwhich would mean that we could regenerate the battery from 20% to 80% in 30 minutes.


Regarding the versions with thermal engines, the simplest is the one called 5008 Hybrid 136 e-DCS6which incorporates an electric motor in the six-speed dual-clutch gearbox that saves work for the renewed gasoline engine. 136 CV.

They say at Peugeot that this hybrid version will be capable of driving up to 50% of the route in the city in 100% electric mode. But more attractive is the possibility of filming more than 80 km without contaminating that the plug-in variant will offer us, which has a gasoline engine of 150 CV and another electric 125 CV.


The final prices are not known, which could start in about 38,000 euros if we take into account that those of the E-3008 start at just over 36,600 euros. But we do know that the range will be stratified in the Allure and GT finishes. The first will already include elements such as camera and rear parking sensors, the 19″ wheels, the two digital screens, etc.

Above, the Allure will have tires 20″, front parking sensors, Electric door, heated front seats, induction phone charger, etc.