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Per capita income may increase this year, relief may come

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If all goes well, domestic production will rise in the new year and per capita income will rise. If there is no major disturbance, the GDP growth may stand at 7 percent during the tenure of the new government. However, the major challenge will be to control the prices of daily commodities and the cost of agricultural production. A trip to this can bring relief to the lower and middle class.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that in 2023, while Bangladesh’s per capita GDP is $2,621, India’s is $2,612 and Pakistan’s is $1,471. Bangladesh has seen the fastest per capita income growth in South Asia in a decade. Ahead of India-Pakistan for four years. However, the challenge of commodity prices is not going away.

In this regard, the president of the combined civil society. Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad said, ‘Syndicate, which is another name of evil circle – it has to be broken. Organizations cannot function because of this vicious circle. If we can break those vicious cycles, our work will be much easier. Achieving our goals will also be easier.’

According to the Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh’s growth will be 6 percent in 2024. It will increase to 7 percent in 2028. Economists say that this goal can be achieved if there is no major disruption in the election year.

Economist Dr. Jahangir Alam Khan said, ‘Bangladesh garments are preferred for two reasons. One. Sustainable, two. The price is low. In this situation we survive by competing. Those who will manage the government will manage it very well. Then our economic growth will accelerate in the coming days.’

Economists say that 96 percent of the country’s total per capita income is from domestic production, which is the basis for building a self-reliant society. Marginalized people benefit the most from its proper distribution.


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