Home Sports Pepe Mel, in his presentation: "I have been a firefighter on many teams."

Pepe Mel, in his presentation: "I have been a firefighter on many teams."

Pepe Mel, in his presentation: "I have been a firefighter on many teams."

Pepe Mel has been officially presented this afternoon in the press room of the Power Horse Stadium as the new red and white coach. Unlike the previous presentations by Vicente Moreno and Gaizka Garitano, the club’s General Director, Mohamed El Assy, has not been present as he has been out of Spain these days for agenda reasons, as reported by the club. Mel has told the details of his hiring and has immersed himself in the preview of this Sunday’s game against his former team, UD Las Palmas.

Your contractor: “Times in football are not chosen, they are what they are. When Joao called me late at night the only thing I saw was the squad of footballers that I was going to have at my disposal, who were in the First Division, in a magnificent club and a magnificent city. I am a demanding person in my profession, I demand the maximum from myself and the maximum in Spanish football is Primera. There are ten games to vindicate all of us and that is my dream, I don’t look any further. Joao left it Of course, it was for ten games and that seems good to me because I think it’s fair, that the club knows me, how I am, how I work and I also know the club.”

Return to Gran Canaria: “I was there for four years. When I went in 2019, the president was very clear with me, he did not ask me to promote, he asked me to form a team because I needed to promote over time. I had just been relegated from First Division and I had a very old team and I wanted to rejuvenate it. That was my task for three years and now I can say with pride and watching them play that I am very satisfied that 95% of the footballers who are going to face me on Sunday, I took them from B, from the youth team and another is in the Bara”.

Goal of winning: “I set short-term objectives. In 48 hours we compete in Gran Canaria against a great team, which is doing very well, but we have to prove to ourselves that we enjoy our work. Football is made to enjoy, not to suffer. That is the continuous message that I give to the players. The main thing right now is our first game, we should not go further.”

How do you change the team dynamic?: “I think that has been one of the keys why I am here. Two colleagues have passed by and they burn out for not fulfilling the main objective and your message is losing strength. I come with all the joy in the world and all the positivism , trying to convey to them what I believe football is. Football is a job that no one is forced to do, this is a vocation. We are here to enjoy and not to suffer. If the footballer enjoys the field, he transmits it and the people “He has fun. With these premises we are going to try to play these ten games.”

Doesn’t it make you dizzy to catch a team in this situation?: “I see it from the other point of view. I was at home watching the Almera games on TV and now I am sitting here and I am going to be the main protagonist. The football that I have in my head is very interesting for this team. I have seen them play well, compete well and I think that the two coaches who have been here have given their maximum. We are going to compete, surely with other things, each coach has his touches. What I see is that it is an opportunity to “Everyone. We start from scratch, for me the table right now is at zero points, Madrid has zero points and so do we. In my table, it is a ten-match championship.”

Do you have hopes of being able to continue next season?: “Joao and I talk like professionals. We are not going to deceive each other. He needs to see that what they have told him about me is true. The club needs to see what I am like as a coach. The truth is that it does not matter much how they receive you in the places, what matters is how they say goodbye to you when you leave and the mark you leave. Now everything is congratulations, but I have to prove that with my daily work. I don’t see footballers as players, but as people, that For me it is very important. When the ten games are over, if the property, the public and the journalists believe that the work has been good, beyond impossible, then surely we will be able to continue joining our paths, if not, I will go with “the awareness that I have done the best I could. I know that football is very difficult because it still has many variables that a coach does not master.”

Locker room: “I don’t think I’ll tell you anything that might surprise you. Imagine how a coach finds himself, which is the room he passes by, the locker room. The faces were serious, rigid and tense. It’s normal, I’ve also experienced it as a footballer and they’ve thrown out “To many of my coaches. The soccer player also feels guilty that there are people who lose their jobs. Therefore, you have to come with joy. You have to go back to the soccer of when you were children, to have fun and feel like protagonists.”

Are there going to be many changes in the eleven?: “The players don’t know who is going to play on Sunday. Everyone is going to participate in ten games because we need everyone’s strength. The fans are also involved in that strength. From my experience I have seen that there is always a crowd of people who go to the field to support the team, despite the classification. That is not easy, in many cities when their team does poorly, they simply forget about football and here it has not happened. We are indebted to them. We have a clear objective, it does not I need to say what it is and we hope to get it in Gran Canaria.”

Equipment: “I don’t like people saying that ‘they’re not that bad’, they’re a good team. I know them from other teams and they’ve faced me. I tell Ramazani now that when he caught the ball I was shaking on the bench. “These things must be transmitted to them. He is a very interesting footballer, for many years I would have liked to have him on my team.”

Style: “Going against the grain is usually not a good idea. You can have a way of seeing football in your head, but if the players are not qualified for that and you insist, you are the wrong one. For me, football is the simplest thing in the world.” world, you have to do what is simplest. Within the games there are many different ones. The last one against Sevilla is an example of this. You have to try to read them and that will be my role.”

Atmosphere on your return to Gran Canaria: “I jokingly told Viera that I would go behind him hidden so that he could get all the applause and forget me a bit. It’s a team that we both know well and for Jonathan it’s going to be even more special. I’m hoping for a game like the one.” that the Sports Union always plays. It is a recognizable team, merit of the coaching staff and its players. That is a great merit in the world of football. As it is recognizable, we know what we have to do. “

His arrival has once again generated smiles in training: “One of the reasons why I am sitting here is that. Each trainer has his profile and mine is probably that. I don’t like the word, but I have gone to many places during many years of my life as a firefighter. That has things good and bad things because all of us coaches like to take projects from the summer because you mold them to your liking and you can give it a path. One of the things that is focusing our attention is that the footballers forget about the 28 days. It is a league of ten games, the past cannot be fixed. We are only concerned with what is coming. There is only one way to be protagonists and that is with the ball, when we don’t have it there is only one way to get it back and that is to run, because we need it. “That is the comfort zone in which Las Palmas operates, we have to get them out of that zone because if not, we are going to have a very bad time.”

The reception for Viera on Sunday: “I hope they focus on the receptions and we dedicate ourselves to scoring goals. I don’t think it will be like that. I think Jonathan Viera is going to be well received, he doesn’t deserve anything else.”

Situation: “I am a club man, my numbers show it. I spent four years at Rayo, six at Betis and four at Las Palmas. Fourteen years between three clubs in the elite, that is not easy. Therefore, I know how to manage those things. I know how important the quarry is, I know how important young people are, I know how important the sense of belonging to a place is and I know how to handle difficult situations. This is the most difficult one I have encountered, but On the other hand, it is also simple because you only have to look forward, there is no fixing what is behind and everyone will understand that, if in the end the inevitable happens and what none of us want, then we have done what we could. We have “We have to leave a good taste in the mouth in these last ten games, above all, so that people think about how good things are to come because the team has finished well.”

Quarry: “I have to get to know the reserve team players. Marcos Pea is going to Gran Canaria, he seems like a very good footballer to me. I have a weakness for young people. We have to give them the opportunity because if not, the work of grassroots football is worthless. “I know that there are some footballers who can be good for us and it is another attraction for the people of Almera.”

Do you believe in permanence?: “It’s very complicated. Even if we win everything, it may not even depend on us. I have been very harsh about this with the players, I have told them not to think about it anymore, not to beat themselves up. They know that they are responsible for two coaches having passed “here and they are no longer there. They have ten games to change the opinions of many people. Not with the final result, but with the feeling that it is a team that has come out of its head.”

from: “For m dgar he is a great defensive pivot in front of the defense. He comes from Betis, I know him very well.”

Pubill call with the selection: “It has to be a source of pride for the Almeria family. There is no greater pride than having selectable footballers who wear them. I congratulate Marc, I am very happy for him.”

Are you going to write a book about your stay in Almera?: “It would be more like Harry Potter. I’m not a wizard, I’m a football coach. Relationships, trust and how to manage the locker room for me is the most important thing. The important thing is how they say goodbye to you when you leave, I want you as a person “He is well regarded at the club.”