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‘People will flee the country if I become president again’

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Former US President Donald Trump said that if he becomes the US president again, all the people will leave the country. As a reason for this, Trump said that if he becomes president, he will implement a strict policy on immigration. Trump said this while giving a speech at a political rally in Durham, New Hampshire on Saturday.

The Indian media Hindustan Times says that the Republican leader has already said that he will compete in the US presidential election held next year. Even in the team, there is no strong rival for him yet. Meanwhile, Trump is often seen holding public meetings.

“You know what happens after we win the election,” Trump said at a rally in New Hampshire. People will continue to flee the country in droves. Before we can do anything they will continue like flood water. They will flee the country because they realize Trump will go back to the old policies. Travel and entry from terrorist countries will be banned.’

At this time, Trump also said, ‘In addition, I will be tough on illegals. If you hate America, if you want to destroy Israel, if you sympathize with jihadists, then we don’t want to see you in this country. We don’t want you.’

Earlier, before the 2020 election, Trump said that if Joe Biden wins the election, he will leave the country. But he said that jokingly.


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