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People of the world are ready to welcome the new year

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The world is preparing for the English New Year at the last minute. People from different parts of the world are ready to welcome the year 2024 through their own traditions and culture. Along with sharing happiness with family members, there are many good wishes for the new year.

One of the attractions of the English New Year is New Year’s Eve in Tice Square, New York, USA. Like every year, preparations for the festival are going on vigorously this year. Traditional crystal ball ready for countdown.

“I always love talking about the Times Square Ball,” said Jeffrey Strauss, president of Countdown Entertainment. It is the largest crystal ball in the world. More than 2,000 crystal triangles multiply its beauty. These colorful lights bring joy and hope for the New Year to all.’

Ahead of the new year, various countries including France and Germany have strengthened security to avoid any offensive situation.

Meanwhile, the New Year’s colorful light festival means Sydney Harbor fireworks in Australia. Preparations have been made there for several months in a mix of tradition and modernity. Now just waiting to see the traditional lights of Sydney Harbour.

They said, hopefully there will be no war in 2024, and everyone will live in peace and harmony. Everyone will support each other. That is what we are waiting for.

Brazil is ready to welcome the new year with locals as well as tourists. Before welcoming the New Year according to tradition, Brazilians pay homage to the goddess of the sea.

People of the Saman tribe of Peru are ready to say goodbye to the old year according to their own traditions. They are busy singing and dancing on this mountain far from Lima to wish a happy new year.

Peru’s indigenous people have been organizing colorful fairs for two decades to welcome the new year. This year was no exception. They are conducting rituals to wish everyone good luck in the new year.


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