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‘People in boats will not find a place to escape’ – said Awami League leader is sad

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Asma Sultana Nasreen, Assistant Returning Officer of Narsingdi-1 (Sadar) Constituency and Sadar Upazila Executive Officer, gave a show-cause notice to Sirajul Islam, convener of Madhavadi Thana Awami League, who spoke on behalf of an independent candidate in Narsingdi’s Madhavadi, stating that ‘the people of Hiru’s boat will not get a place to escape’. This notice was given on Thursday night.

It is mentioned in the notice, on the occasion of the twelfth national parliament election, the independent candidate of Narsingdi-1 seat. In an exchange meeting organized on behalf of Kamruzzaman on Wednesday, the convener of Madhavadi Thana Awami League said. A video of Sirajul Islam’s speech went viral on social media including national media. At one stage of the speech, Sirajul Islam was heard to say, ‘The boat people will have no place to escape’; Which amounts to threatening the supporters of a particular party symbol and is a clear violation of Rule 11 of the ‘Political Parties and Candidates Conduct Rules in Parliamentary Elections, 2008’.

In such a situation, for threatening the supporters of a particular party symbol by giving provocative statements or statements and for violating Rule 11(a) of the ‘Political Party and Candidate Conduct Rules 2008’. Why legal action will not be taken against Sirajul Islam; It has been directed to appear in person at the office of the signatory within 2 days and show reasons in writing.

‘We don’t call boats. Hiru’s boat is called, Hiru, Hiru. People of Hiru (boat candidate) will have no place to run. The awakening that will occur on the 7th in Narsingdi, as a result of this awakening, Kamrul Bhai (independent candidate of Awami League) will win with huge votes.’

A video of a speech given by Narsingdi’s Madhabadi Thana Awami League convener Sirajul Islam Siraj on Wednesday afternoon has already gone viral on social media.

The convenor of Madhavadi Thana Awami League gave such a speech in the exchange meeting with the aim of making independent candidate (joint general secretary of district Awami League) Kamruzzaman Kamrul win in Narsingdi Sadar-1 seat in the 12th National Assembly elections. At that time, independent candidate Kamruzzaman Kamrul, District Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahmudul Kabir Saheed and Madhavadi Municipal Awami League General Secretary and Municipal Mayor Mosharraf Hossain Manik were sitting on stage and laughing.

In his speech, Sirajul Islam said, ‘After the speech of Madhabadi Mayor Mosharraf Saab, there will be public awakening in the 5 unions and municipalities of the southern area, inshallah. No one can stop this mass awakening. When you know that Madhabadi Mayor Mosharraf Hossain is running for independent candidate Kamrul Bhai, then no one can stop you. From tomorrow the people in Hiru’s boat will have no place to escape. The boatman will not have a chance to escape.’

When the Awami League leaders and workers, including independent candidates, who were present at the meeting laughed a little, Sirajul corrected his statement and said, ‘The people in the hero’s boat will not get a chance to escape. We will enter the field for independent candidate Kamrul Bhai from tomorrow. There are no obstructions. No amount of propaganda can bring back mass awakening. As Mosharraf Bhai says, he will work from tomorrow.’

In this regard, Awami League’s nominated candidate former Minister of State for Water Resources Mohammad Nazrul Islam (Hiru) said, ‘He (Sirajul) is the incumbent leader of Awami League. He can criticize the person if it is unfair, he has freedom. But being the leader of Awami League, you cannot speak against the boat, you cannot speak for a terrorist. He has violated electoral conduct, I request the Election Commission to take appropriate action against him.’

When contacted on Madhavadi Thana Awami League convener Sirajul Islam Siraj’s mobile phone, he said, ‘I have not given any statement against the boat. I am not aware of this.’


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