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People flocked to the memorial to pay their respects

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People flocked to the National Memorial in Savar to pay their respects to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Bengali independence. People of various classes and professions are crowding in the memorial area since early morning. Flowers are soaking the martyrs with respect.

President Md. After Sahabuddin and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid their respects, the memorial was opened for people from all walks of life.

In the morning, brave freedom fighters along with members of intellectual families paid their respects. Leaders and workers of various levels of the ruling party have paid tribute to the procession. Tributes are also being paid by various political, social, cultural and professional organizations.

Students of various universities and various organizations and departments of the government are also paying tribute to the martyrs at the memorial. At this time, the people who went to pay their respects at the memorial expressed their hope that the country would improve.

There is also a festive atmosphere around the memorial. Many people are walking around with red and green flags in their hands and in northern clothes. Many families are giving flowers at the memorial to give children an idea about the liberation war.

Russell Mia came to the memorial with his family from Manikganj. He said, ‘The family has come here today to pay respect to those for whom our country became independent. I want the country to move forward.’

Meanwhile, tight security arrangements have been made in the National Memorial Complex area for the general public to pay their respects.


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