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Pari Mani said, this is the real thing

Pari Mani said, this is the real thing

Pari Mani is the popular actress of Dhakai cinema. He often made headlines for his personal life outside of work. Apart from acting, Pari is also very active on social media. Apart from work, he shares many things about his personal life with his fans and well-wishers.

In continuation of that, Pari wrote on Facebook today, ‘Where there is no respect, there is no going.’ At the end, A-O wrote, ‘This is the real thing. Let them understand.’

Netizens are asking why such a post suddenly. Many agreed with his words.

A few days ago, Pari Mani made an explosive comment about the movie’s misogyny. He said, ‘Liars, hypocrites, cheaters, children of pigs are dying for cinema ***. Pain in the liver on Shabbat. Don’t let them suffer. May Allah forgive them.’

Incidentally, he has recently completed the shooting of fiction writer and filmmaker Reza Ghatak’s ‘Dodo’s Story’. Among them, he has undertaken several new tasks. Meanwhile, the web film ‘Booking’ starring Pari was released last Valentine’s Day. Directed by Mizanur Rahman Arian, it stars ABM Sumon opposite him.