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Panchagarh is shivering at 5.8 degrees

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Severe cold is blowing in all the northern districts of the country Panchagarh. The lowest temperature of the season was recorded at 5.8 degree Celsius in this district.

This northern town has been covered in thick fog since morning. A cold wind is blowing. Can’t see the sun.

Panchagarh is experiencing cold weather for the last 5 days. The temperature on Thursday was 8.5 degrees. The temperature was recorded at 5.8 degrees Celsius on Friday morning.

Winter is severe here from the beginning of January. Different areas are covered in thick fog every afternoon. Along with that there is wind intensity.

Locals say, they have not seen such winter in the last few years.

The Meteorological Department has said that cold current is flowing in 12 districts of the country including Rangpur division. Such condition will remain for at least 2 more days. After that the temperature will start increasing gradually.

The Meteorological Department has also predicted the possibility of light to moderate rain across the country including Dhaka from December 31 to February 2.


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