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Pallava, a popular model of the nineties, got married after 1 year of love

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Married once popular model Pallav. This star tied the knot with Wahida Rahi on July 13 last year after dating for almost a year. The model itself has confirmed this. Patri Rahi is the leader of a business. Pallava said that he completed all the formalities of the marriage with the consent of the two families.

Model-actor Pallav’s mother was very worried about her child as she was not married. For several years, he tried in various ways to see the face of his daughter-in-law. Finally the wish of Pallava’s mother has been fulfilled. Rahi said in a media, ‘Now Alhamdulillah we are very well. Our love of 11 years. I have been in love since honors first year. I just got married.’

Rahi said that they first met in 2012. Then they would talk to each other. Rahi said, ‘I used to do some photo shoots. I also worked with Pallab, in an ad film by producer Ashraful Alam Ripon Bhai. Then I would talk on the phone. We used to meet. I went out for a walk. I liked each other. When I saw that Pallava is a very good person, I thought that I want him as the person of my future life. I decided to get married exactly two years ago. After talking to two families, I got married last year.’

‘What a sweet, sweet glance, it looks so beautiful/ In the depths of this mind, whose picture is painted, you are floating in those beautiful eyes’—more or less everyone is familiar with the jingle of this popular commercial in the nineties. Pallava was the handsome model in this commercial and Riya was with him. Pallava had a brilliant presence in many more such commercials at that time.

Pallava made his acting debut in 1995. He and Tanya Ahmed were guest artistes in Arefin Badal’s drama ‘Prachir Periye’. He has acted in hundreds of dramas in one era. Pallavara also made his film debut. Shakib Khan and Romana were in Shaheen Suman’s film titled ‘Biye Bari’ apart from Pallab.


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