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Pakistan’s Haris Rauf bats without pads-gloves-helmet

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Pakistani cricketers are not ready to come to the discussion by doing funny things on the cricket field. The country’s cricket field is under discussion and criticism throughout the year in the field or outside activities. This time, the incident has crossed the country’s borders in Australia.

Melbourne Stars take on the Sydney Thunder at the Oval on Saturday in the Big Bash. Haris Rauf, the Pakistani cricketer playing for Melbourne, came into bat in the last over of the first innings of the match. Seeing him, the eyes of all those present in the field are bright. What is this! Rauf batted without pads-gloves-helmet.

Of course, Rauf is not much to blame. Melbourne, who won the toss and batted first, still had four wickets in their hands when the last over was played. As the number 11 batsman, Rauf’s batting line-up should be thought of bowling.

But Melbourne lost wickets in the third, fourth and fifth balls. Rauf has to come to the field for one ball. That too on the non-strike end. That’s why the 30-year-old Pakistani cricketer entered the field without wearing pads-gloves-helmet.

The field umpire blocked Rauf’s actions. He asked to wear helmet-gloves-pads to ensure the safety of Rauf. Rauf expressed reluctance to wear pads despite returning to the field with helmet-gloves following the umpire’s instructions. He finally finished the game without pads. However, Rauf did not wear two-handed gloves properly while on the wicket.

The Big Bash commentator also expressed surprise at Rauf’s action. He referred to the incident as a circus during the live broadcast.

Batting first in the discussed match, Rauf’s team Melbourne scored 172 runs in the scheduled 20 overs. In response, Sydney secured a 5-wicket win with 10 balls in hand.

Rauf remained wicketless after spending 20 runs in 3 overs with the ball in Melbourne’s losing match. However, the Pakistani pacer was the most kept bowler for the team.


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