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Pakistan will take umpiring to ICC

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Pakistan also lost the series after losing to Australia by 79 runs in the Melbourne Test. Mohammad Rizwan’s controversial dismissal is at the height of discussion over the win-loss of the match. According to the referees, had the Pakistani wicketkeeper-batsman not been given such a controversial dismissal, the outcome of the match could have been different.

The director and coach of the team, Mohammad Hafeez, expressed his anger at the post-match press conference. He said that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will take the decision of Rizwan’s out to the ICC.

Pakistan were 98 runs short of victory in the fourth innings of Australia’s target of 317 on the fourth day of the Melbourne Test. Rizwan and Agha Salman were batting comfortably on the wicket. The visitors still have five wickets.

At that time, Rizwan was out behind the wicket in a great delivery by Australian captain Pat Cummins. After that, the visitors collapsed in the lower order. The last four batsmen went back to dressing room before opening the run book. Pakistan added 18 more runs to the scoreboard thanks to Salman alone. Pakistan were bowled out for 237 runs.

The course of the match changed after Rizwan’s dismissal. Initially the field umpire did not give it out. As Pat Cummins took the review, TV replays showed that the ball hit the wristband of Rizwan’s glove. TV umpire Richard Illingworth declared it out. Dissatisfied with such a decision, Rizwan was also seen talking to field umpire Joel Wilson.

Dissatisfaction with Rizwan’s dismissal spread in the Pakistan team. PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf also talked about this with Hafeez. Quoting PTI, Indian media Hindustan Times reports that Hafeez has expressed concern about the umpiring of the match and the use of technology. PCB will talk to ICC about this issue.

In the press conference, Hafeez said, ‘If you watch the whole match, you will see that there were many inconsistencies in the decisions of the umpires. Those of us who play cricket, naturally know the rules of the game.’

Hafeez spoke to Rizwan after the match. The Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman told Hafeez confidently that the ball had not touched his gloves. And the argument of the Pakistan coach is that there must be evidence to change the decision of the field umpire.

Commenting on the technology used in the match, he said, ‘However, sometimes it seems that the emphasis is more on the technology than the cricket on the field. I believe it needs to find problems in its use.’ Hafeez said to emphasize on transparency in cricket. According to the Pakistan coach, technology is bringing everything forward. But such confusion or suspicious circumstances call it into question.

That is why he is not against the use of technology in cricket, said Hafeez, ‘I am not against the use of technology in the game. But it creates confusion and doubt, which cannot be accepted.’

Pakistan coach questioned not only technology, but many rules of cricket, ‘Some decisions are not understandable to me. If the ball hits the stamp it is out. But I don’t understand, then what is the need of umpires call.’


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