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Pakistan board’s strange incident with singer Ali Zafar before PSL

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Who will sing the theme song in Pakistan T20 Franchise League PSL? The answer is still unknown. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made an incident with this song. PCB wanted to arrange the song with famous singer Ali Zafar, according to which Ali Zafar acted. But a month before the PSL, Ali Zafar was suddenly hung by a thread by the PCB.

This is the ninth season of PSL, which will start on February 17. The theme song for the first three editions of the T20 league was sung by Ali Zafar. But this time there has been a problem because an allegation brought against Ali Zafar in 2018 suddenly came to the fore.

In 2018, singer-actress Misha Shafi, a joint citizen of Pakistan and Canada, complained that Ali Zafar harassed her. However, the proper evidence against this allegation has never come forward, but due to that allegation, Ali Zafar has suffered a lot of loss in his career. This time you are losing the opportunity to sing the theme song of PSL.

According to Cricket Pakistan, the PCB initially planned to organize this year’s theme song with Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar got down to work accordingly. He worked on three songs, one of which was finalized by PCB.

But then a woman worker working for a PSL franchise raised objections to Ali Zafar. He argued that even if there is no proof, since the allegations have been made against Ali Zafar, then organizing the theme song with such a person will hurt the image of PSL. After his arguments, the PCB reversed its decision, disallowing Ali Zafar’s song. PCB has not announced who will sing the theme song instead of Ali Zafar.

Meanwhile, Ali Zafar expressed his disappointment on Twitter. In one of the posts, he organized a poll for the fans, where he asked what the common people of Pakistan think, if he sings the theme song, it will enhance or diminish the brand of PCB and PSL. In the polls, the votes were more in his favor, although Ali Zafar showed evidence that there were votes against him with ‘bots’.


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