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Overpriced products: Complaints can be made on 333

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Complaints can be made by calling the number ‘333’ (triple three) if the price of goods is charged higher in the market. Accordingly, necessary measures will be taken according to State Minister for Post, Telecom and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak. This new service can be launched by January 31.

He announced this decision in a meeting with businessmen at the secretariat on Monday.

Junaid Ahmed Palak said, ‘We want to allocate a call center number. After 333 we will assign a digit. Where a buyer, citizen or customer calls and says that everything including potatoes, onions, chickpeas, dates are given by the government, what is the rate of a product, what is the rate in the market, how much money has any shop asked from him in the place where he is, whether it is a supermarket or raw. Let the market He can take and give that information.’

At this time, the state minister said that this initiative has been taken to control the price of goods. He also said that by knowing the overall information including production, stock, supply, import using information technology, the market of daily essential products will be controlled by making specific plans.

It is known that if the price is higher than the price set by the government, as soon as any consumer or common man calls directly on a designated telephone number to complain about the product price, the administration will take action against those responsible. Effective measures will be taken in this regard by January 31.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the cabinet to be frugal and work with integrity to deal with the international economic crisis. Projects should be taken up keeping in mind the interests of common people. Prime Minister ordered to take strict action against those responsible for irregularities and corruption.


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