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Overnight millionaire in IPL, first goal is to buy parents a car

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Brinda Dinesh has not yet got a chance in the Indian national team, but before that, Brinda Dinesh became a ‘millionaire’. Brinda has been roped in by UP Warriors for the upcoming Women’s Premier League (WPL) auction in India for around 1 crore 74 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency. The 22-year-old Brinda has become the second highest value among the cricketers who have not yet made their debut in the national team.

Brinda could not believe that his price in the auction crossed crores. But the batter who became a ‘millionaire’ overnight will fulfill his dream with this money. Brinda said that her parents have brought her to this stage through a lot of trouble and said, first of all, she wants to gift their ‘dream car’.

Brinda is the first cricketer in the women’s IPL auction to cross the crore mark before her debut in the national team. However, if Gujarat Giants bought Kashvi Gautam for 2 crore 64 lakh in Bangladeshi currency, Brinda dropped to number two in the list of highest priced cricketers waiting for debut.

Batter Brinda at Market in Karnataka has not yet dared to video call his mother in Bengaluru to inform him that he has become the owner of crores of rupees. The reason? Brinda said, mother is as emotional as him. He may not be able to contain his emotions at such unexpected happy news.

When the news of the auction was told to her mother, describing her feelings at that time, Brinda said, ‘I think she (mother) cried. I did not video call him. Because I can’t see tears in his eyes. I spoke to him only on (voice) call. It seemed that he could not even speak properly.

In the press conference organized by UP Warriors, it was asked what Brinda would do with so much money. Brinda’s reply came out about her dream, ‘All I know is that they (parents) are overjoyed. I want to make them proud. I want to buy them the car that they have dreamed of buying all their lives. That’s my first goal right now. Let’s see what happens next.’


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