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Organizing a month-long fair by digging the playground

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Shariatpur Shaheed Bir Shrestha Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rauf Stadium is the only sports ground for children, teenagers and young people in Shariatpur city. But the field has not had any sports for two weeks. On the other hand, preparations are being made to organize the month-long fair.

The Shariatpur district administration has given permission to hold a month-long industrial and trade fair at the ground. Shariatpur-1 Constituency Member of Parliament Md. said that despite the permission of the district administration, he does not know anything about the fair. Iqbal Hossain.

According to local sources, excavation work has been going on for the past two weeks for the month-long art and trade fair at the stadium. Excavation has started for the construction of stalls, gates, artificial fountains, towers and cultural stage in the playground. It has stopped all sports and exercises. The industrial and trade fair is scheduled to be held on February 1 and will end on February 29. There will be 55 stalls at the fair.

Yesterday Monday afternoon, it can be seen on the ground that pandals have been built over the majority of the field. Stalls are made around the pandal with tin. The work of installing several stalls is going on by digging inside the field. At the entrance of the fair and in some places in the middle, structures like permanent infrastructure are being constructed with bricks.

Notwithstanding Section 5 of the Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Parks and Natural Waters Conservation Act 2000, playgrounds cannot be rented, leased or otherwise transferred for any other use or similar use.

Some players including local Rubel said that organizing the fair is disrupting the game. There are many places for fairs in Shariatpur, let fairs be organized there. They demanded to close the fair.

Local resident Md. Roman Akand said, there are many places in Shariatpur for the fair. The district administration and sports organizations should organize fairs at other places. Due to the digging of the ground for the fair, the environment is being destroyed along with the damage to the field. For two weeks the field is being decorated for the fair. Fair play on the playground disrupts the game.

Director of Shariatpur Industry and Trade Fair. Osman Gani said, ‘This fair has been organized with the permission of the district administration. We organize fairs in different places of Bangladesh. If the fair is successful, profitable, then a budget will go to the district administrator or sports council from the profit share. And we can provide a fund for the development of the infrastructure that is being built in this stadium.

The construction of the fair is going on.  Photo: The Independent

Shariatpur District Sports Association General Secretary Abdus Chalam Madbar said, ‘We have nothing to call entertainment in Shariatpur. The fair has been organized so that the people of the district get entertainment. We have no funds of our own. A fund from this will go to our sports organization fund which will benefit the Shariatpur Sports Complex. This is why we talked about the fair.’

District Commissioner Mohammad Nizam Uddin Ahmed confirmed the approval of the fair and told Independent Television, ‘Where is the fair? In the playground. There is no place except in the field, and it will not be in paddy field. We have approved the fair. After the police investigation, I have given the permission for the fair as it is given.

Shariatpur-1 Constituency Member of Parliament Iqbal Hossain Apu said, ‘I was not asked about this fair. i don’t even know One day Sadar UNO called and said that we have organized a fair through the Deputy Commissioner. I have no comment on that.’


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