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Ordered to remove ‘Karar Oi Louhakpat’ by Rahman from online

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The High Court has ordered the removal of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s song ‘Karar Oi Louhakpat’ sung by Oscar-winning Indian music director AR Rahman from all online platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

After the hearing of the writ on Tuesday (January 9), the High Court bench consisting of Justice JBM Hassan and Justice Raziq Al Jalil gave the order.

The court also issued a ruling directing the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to remove the song from all online platforms for six months.

Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Mohammad Humayan Kabir heard on behalf of the petitioners in the court. He was assisted by Supreme Court Advocate Bayezid Hossain, Naeem Sardar and Barrister Solaiman Tushar.

Earlier on December 6, Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Mohammad Humayon Kabir filed this writ in the High Court on behalf of human rights organization Law and Life Foundation Trust and 10 lawyers of Bangladesh Supreme Court.

In the writ, the Secretary of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Secretary of Information and Communication Technology Ministry, Secretary of Culture Ministry, BTRC and Kavi Nazrul Institute were made respondents.

The petitioners are Law and Life Foundation Trust, Supreme Court Advocate Bayezid Hossain, Naeem Sardar, Barrister Solaiman Tushar, Barrister Mahdi Zaman, Barrister Sheikh Moinul Karim, Barrister Ahmed Farzad, Advocate Shahidul Islam, Advocate Md. Shahed Siddiqui, Advocate Md. Anas Mia and Advocate Md. Bahauddin Al Imran.

On November 19, Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Mohammad Humayon Kabir sent a legal notice to the defendants to remove the song ‘Karar Oi Louhakpat’ sung by AR Rahman from the online platform. The song was asked to be removed from online immediately after receiving the notice. But as no action was taken it was writ.

The original writer, composer and lyricist of the song is poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

The writ says, “AR Rahman has given new tunes to poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s very popular and historically rich song ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’. It was used in a Hindi film called ‘Pippa’. AR Rahman kept the lyrics but changed the tune. This song is composed and composed by Nazrul himself. In all our revolutions and rebellions as well as movements and struggles, ‘Kara’s iron cupboard’ has served as a source of inspiration.”

Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote the song to protest the detention of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Dash by the British government. It was published in the book ‘Bhangar Gan’ in 1924. On November 11, 1924, after its release, the British government banned breaking songs. Later in independent India the poem ‘Bhangar Song’ was published again. The song was recorded by Girin Chakraborty on Columbia Records in 1949 and HMV in 1950. Music director Kalipad Sen recorded the song with Girin Chakraborty and his co-stars in the movie ‘Chittagram Armory Loon’ directed by Nirmal Chowdhury in 1949. Then in 1969-70, Zaheer Raihan used the song in his timeless film ‘Jeevan To Neya’.


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