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Order to transfer OC of four more police stations

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The Election Commission (EC) has ordered the transfer of the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of four more police stations. Additional Secretary of the Commission Ashok Kumar Debnath confirmed this information to the journalists.

Ashok Kumar Debnath said, ‘The OCs of Chuadanga Alamdanga, Gaibandhar Saghata, Chittagong Khulshi and Patia police stations have been ordered to withdraw.’

The EC wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs on November 30 asking for the phased transfer of officers-in-charge (OC) who have been at work for 6 months. 338 officers of OC rank were transferred on December 7 after EC directives.

Then on December 10, in another letter, the EC decided to withdraw the OC of Sadar and Singair of Manikganj and Sreepur police station of Gazipur. Now 4 more police stations have been added to this list.


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