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Order to keep photocopy shop closed till primary recruitment test

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District Magistrate Shahed Parvez has issued a public notice for the closure of photocopy shops and coaching centers across Netrakona district. This public notice was issued on Thursday afternoon.

According to the public notice, the written examination of the 2nd group (Rajshahi, Khulna and Mymensingh Division) of Government Primary School “Assistant Teacher Recruitment 2023” will be held on February 2 – from 10 am to 11 am. All photocopying shops and coaching centers will be closed from 6 pm on February 1 to 12 noon on February 2 in order to conduct the written examination in a fair and transparent manner.

Due to the issuance of this public notice, all the photocopying shops in the district were closed. Due to this, many people suffer from not being able to photocopy.

Today around 6:30 pm, a college student named Mau Biswa Sharma came back from doing photocopying at Sonali photocopy shop in Moktarpara area of ​​the city. Meanwhile, a person named Aminul Islam went back to photocopy the document.

Aminul Islam, the victim, said, ‘There is no objection to keeping the shop closed to make the examination fair. But the matter should have been publicized much earlier. Then there would be no public suffering.’

District Commissioner and District Magistrate Shahed Parvez said, “A public notice has been issued around noon today to keep all photocopying shops and coaching centers closed in the district.”

When asked about the suffering, he said, ‘This step has been taken to complete the written examination for the appointment of the primary.’


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