Home News Orbán confirms that Trump will stop aid to Ukraine if he regains the White House

Orbán confirms that Trump will stop aid to Ukraine if he regains the White House

Orbán confirms that Trump will stop aid to Ukraine if he regains the White House

Donald Trump He has promised to end military aid shipments to Ukraine if he manages to return to the White House. “He will not give a single cent for the war, so the war will end, since it is clear that Ukraine is not capable of supporting itself,” confessed the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, in statements to public television M1. It is not in vain that Republicans in Congress who follow their instructions have been blocking the latest financial aid package for Kyiv in the House for weeks.

The ultra-conservative president assured on Sunday night that the Republican has “a fairly detailed plan” to end the war if he regains power after the presidential elections next November, in which he starts as a favorite over Joe Biden, according the surveys. “Trump says that if he returns he will not propose initiatives like these,” insisted Orbán, a declared admirer of the Republican leader and recognized for his closeness with the Russian president. Vladimir Putin.

The Hungarian president praised the magnate’s position on the war in Ukraine two days after meeting with him at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, and advanced that the Republican candidate “does not want to finance the security of Europe instead of the Europeans. A position made known by Trump himself weeks ago at a campaign rally in South Carolina, in which he reaffirmed that he was not in favor of defending NATO member countries that fail to meet the defense spending targets of the 2nd % of their respective GDP.

The Republican had already assured that he would be able to convince the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and Putin to reach “a fair agreement for all.” Zelensky, however, replied that there can be no negotiations with Russia while Putin remains in power and that he will not give up territory for peace. The Ukrainian leader even invited Trump to visit the front with him to see the situation for himself, but Trump gave no response.

Orbán passed through the United States last week, but was not received by Biden. He has praised his main adversary, especially in recent months, and has reiterated his belief that neither Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nor Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza would have broken out with Trump sitting in the Oval Office.

For Orbán, the republican is a “man of peace.” The Hungarian leader was in fact the only head of government of the European Union to publicly express his support for Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections, as well as during the trials initiated against the presidential candidate last year, which he considered “communist practices.” . Trump has returned the praise to Orbán, who is usually at odds with the European institutions. In the words of the Republican, the Hungarian is “the toughest politician in Europe.”