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Opposition can only be done if there is a mindset, not an opposition party: Barrister Suman

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Syed Sayedul Haque Sumon (Barrister Sumon), a newly elected Member of Parliament and a well-known face on social media, commented that there is no opposition party, but only if there is a mentality. After winning from Habiganj-4 (Madhavpur-Chunarughat) constituency in the 12th national election, he said this in response to a question from journalists after taking oath in parliament today.

When asked about his work after becoming an MP, Barrister Suman said, ‘I will bring up all possible things in Parliament. Especially about the rights of expatriates, about tea plantation workers – I will bring up such other issues that are worth raising in Parliament. And the protest against corruption, this will continue everywhere I go. I will protest about this matter everywhere in the social media or parliament.

The newly elected MP said, ‘I have come here (Parliament) for five years. I want to work these five years as a very evocative time of my life.’

If the independent candidates are in the opposition party, do you think they can speak more forcefully or make demands?- In response to the question, R. Suman said, ‘I don’t know what will happen where, but if there is protest in the personal character. Then you can. You don’t have to be an opposition party, if you have the mindset for anything that goes against the state, you can do opposition in any format.’

What role will you be active in Parliament as you were active on social media? To such a question, Suman said, ‘In a normal role. As I have spoken for the oppressed people on social media, I will speak in the Parliament format in Parliament.

It should be noted that Syed Syedul Haque Sumon has created a surprise by defeating the Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Ali in Habiganj-4 constituency.


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