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Opera brings AI technology browser for iPhone

by Afonso
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Opera is launching a new artificial intelligence (AI) browser for iPhone users. The new browser will use Opera’s own engine instead of Apple’s WebKit engine. But this is for users in European countries. TechCrunch reported this information about the source of the company based in Norway.

Under the European Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple is going to bring a new browser to Opera. The law will now allow developers to use other browser engines on the iPhone. Earlier it was mandatory to use WebKit engine to build iPhone browser.

The WebKit engine was used in Apple’s Safari browser. As a result of the DMA rule change, app developers will now be able to create browsers for the iPhone without using the WebKit engine. Therefore, the company believes that Opera may become one of the alternative browsers for iPhone instead of Safari.

According to reports, the new law will come into force in Europe from March. Opera then announced that it would unveil a new browser for the iPhone. While the law currently only applies to Europe, Opera wants Apple to roll out the change to all devices worldwide.

Opera has not yet revealed any details about the new browser’s features. However, the company said that large-scale investment in AI infrastructure in Europe is coming soon.


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