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Only the Jews are being called ‘Zionists’

by Afonso
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Mehdi Hasan, the famous argumentative presenter, has recently been removed from MSNBC. It is known that the main reason is that Mark Regev, the adviser of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, continued to call the killing of children a propaganda of Hamas in an event, Mehdi Hasan proved his lie with data. After he was fired for this crime, many understood MSNBC’s character and stopped following them.

We often talk a lot about freedom of press in Bangladesh. In fact, no media is independent if the interests of those in power are harmed. This is the picture of the so-called developed world. Zionists are very powerful in the world. They control a large part of the world’s wealth. Their military and intelligence forces are becoming superpowers day by day. They have a great hold on science and technology. In this Hamas-Israel conflict, the world conscience saw a different form of humanity.

In this year’s Israel-Hams conflict, the two words anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist are being discussed a lot. There have been some surveys about this in America. It can be seen that a large part of people do not understand the difference.
Zionists do not use the term anti-Zionism. They like to call it anti-Semitism. And many of us unknowingly have been supporting and helping them in this propaganda. Especially the anti-Semitism pouring in from a section of Muslims is giving the Zionists a great advantage. Before going into this discussion, we need to know where are the differences and relationships between Zionism and Semitism.

Simply put, Zionism is a radical nationalistic ideology of a section of Jews established for the sake of religion. They preach Israel as God’s appointed place for the Jews. In the 19th century, Theodor Herzl started a movement to assert their rights over the site, which came to be known as Zionism. ‘Zion’ is a Hebrew word meaning Jerusalem or its valley, desert, city etc.

The people of the world did not have any headache about this nationalist movement. All the Jews of the world also gave moral support to it. But trouble started when they immigrated to Israel and began brutally ousting the Palestinians who sheltered them there. Most of the other Jews scattered around the world outside of Israel did not support this injustice. A large part of these Jews have opposed the Zionists in this Israel-Hamas war as well, and have played an active role against the world’s tabloid states and other religions.

Zionists say – to oppose Zionism is to oppose Jews. But other Jews disagreed with this idea. Rather, they think that the Zionists are trying to make these injustices and atrocities acceptable by breaking their name.

When there is an Israel-Hamas war, and many of us call Zionism Zionism, we actually support the Zionist forces. This is exactly what they are trying to establish. Zionists have found safe shelter under the cover of various speeches, meetings, and discussions against the Jews. They can point their fingers to the whole world—’look, this is the proof’.

Demonstrators display Israeli and British flags during a march against anti-Semitism.  Photo: ReutersJews had many misconceptions about Islam. As they thought Islam was idolatrous. But due to various reasons, their misconceptions about Islam have started to disappear. They are finding similarities between Islam and Judaism. Realizing that these two religions are actually the closest. Rather than that, Christians are very different and to a certain extent individual and idolatrous. As a result of this realization they are becoming more tolerant and humane towards Muslims day by day. Not surprisingly, many Israelis do not support Zionism.

Then comes the question—what does anti-Semitism really mean? When someone harbors racial discrimination, hatred and enmity against Jews just because they are Jews, influenced by various cultural-religious-political reforms, he is called anti-Semitic. This discrimination can be seen in ethnic, religious, cultural or other forms. It can manifest in aggressive behavior or verbal, physical, emotional or hate speech. Another manifestation is through discriminatory decisions and actions.

We must understand that not all Muslims are Al Qaeda or ISIS, nor are all Jews Zionists.

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