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Onion prices increased by Tk 55 per kg

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The Government of India has extended the minimum price restriction on exports for another three months to maintain normal supply of onion in the domestic market and control prices.

On this news, the price of onion skyrocketed in the market. 50 to 55 taka increased per kg. India’s decision to export onion will remain in force until March next year.

It has been seen that the prices of onions in the markets of the capital have gone up since yesterday. The price has increased from Tk 50 to Tk 55 per kg. Indian onion is selling at 150 to 155 taka and desi onion is selling at 170 to 180 taka depending on the market.

Meanwhile in Chittagong wholesale onions imported from China were sold at Tk 110 per kg. Which was 55 taka to 60 taka on Thursday too. Onions imported from India are being sold at Tk 150. Which was being sold for 100 rupees.

Traders said that this situation has arisen due to the announcement of stoppage of Indian onion export.

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade has said that there will be a ban on onion exports till March 31 next year.

India set higher export prices on October 29 due to the increase in onion prices. Although this restriction was given till 31st of this month, it was extended for another three months.

It was said in the previous instructions that onions can be exported to any country in the world. However, the minimum price of onion per ton should be kept at 800 dollars. Transport and insurance costs are not included in this price.

Haroon ur Rashid, President of Hili Land Port Importer Group, said, ‘Onion import continued through the port at the export price of 800 USD set by the Government of India. But the Indian government has already announced stoppage of onion export till March 31. Onion traders of the country will suffer due to their stubborn decision. Similarly, the price of onion is expected to increase in the country’s market. I demand a solution by discussing the issue at the highest level of the government.


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