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Onion export ban, farmers protest in India

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The Government of India has extended the minimum price restriction on exports for another three months to maintain normal supply and control prices of onion in the domestic market. This decision will remain in force until next March. The farmers of the country took to the streets to protest the decision taken recently.

According to the Indian media Times of India, the farmers came down to ‘Rasta Roko’ in the Nashik city of Maharashtra on Sunday afternoon. At that time, they protested against the ban on onion export and demanded to meet the authorities about it.

This group of farmers is led by the local political party Pahar Janashakti Party. They stayed on the busy road of Ashok Stambha Chowk for two hours straight. It creates severe traffic jams.

According to the Times of India, hundreds of farmers from Chandwad, Kalyan and Deola talukas participated in the ‘Rasta Roko’ movement. First they decided to protest at the residence of local MP and minister Bharti Pawar.

At one point, they started going towards Bharti’s residence on a motorcycle. But Ashok was stopped by the police after coming to Stambha Chowk road. Then he started protesting there. At this time, slogans against the Modi government are also seen.

At one time the farmers were informed that Bharti Pawar had gone to Delhi for the winter session of Parliament. He is in talks with the Center to lift the ban. But the farmers still persisted in their protest.

Later, President of Nashik Prahar Janashakti Party contacted Bharti on phone and expressed the frustration of the farmers. Farmers say that as a result of the Centre’s decision, they are forced to sell onions at much lower prices per quintal in many cases. The center has stopped the export of onion to keep the prices of daily necessities within reach. As a result of this decision, they have to face losses.

Due to the increase in the price of onion, India decided to increase the export price on October 29. Although this restriction was given till 31st of this month, it was extended for another three months.


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