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One UNO and 3 OCs recommended withdrawal

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The Election Commission (EC) has decided to withdraw one Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) and three Police Station Officers in order to conduct the 12th National Assembly elections smoothly. This information was informed in a separate letter signed by Mohammad Morshed Alam, Senior Assistant Secretary of the Election Commission Secretariat on Sunday.

The separate letter sent to the Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Home Affairs said, ‘In order to conduct the election in a fair and impartial manner, the Election Commission has issued a decision to withdraw the executive officer of Phulpur Upazila of Mymensingh and the officer-in-charge of Kalkini of Madaripur, the officer-in-charge of Phulpur of Mymensingh and the officer-in-charge of Tarakanda of Mymensingh.’

As mentioned, it is requested to withdraw the executive officers and the officers in charge and appoint the superior officers in their place.

Meanwhile, related sources have informed that the OC of Kalkini police station Nazmul Hasan behaved in a biased manner in the various meetings and gatherings of Awami League supported parliamentary candidate Abdus Sobhan Golap. During the election, the current member of parliament is given police protocol. In these incidents, a complaint was filed with the Election Commission by independent candidate Tahmina Begum. On the recommendation of the Election Commission based on the complaint, Nazmul Hasan has been ordered to withdraw from Kalkini police station.

In this regard Madaripur Police Superintendent Masud Alam said, ‘On Sunday Kalkini Police Station OC Nazmul Hasan has been withdrawn from Kalkini Police Station on the order of the Election Commission for the sake of fair elections. An inspector named Abdullah Al Mamun has been appointed as the officer-in-charge of Kalkini Police Station by the order of the Election Commission. The new inspector will serve as the officer-in-charge of Kalkini police station from December 25.


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