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One more person died of corona in the country

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One more person died due to coronavirus in the country. This information was informed in the press release of the Department of Health on Sunday. It is said that the corona infected person died between 8 am on Saturday and 8 am on Sunday.

According to the press release of the Department of Health, 34 people have been infected with corona virus in the country in 24 hours from 8 am on Saturday to 8 am on Sunday. The patient detection rate against sample testing is 5.92 percent. At this time, 574 samples have been tested.

The notification also informed that 29 thousand 480 people have died of corona so far. 20 lakh 14 thousand 171 people have recovered so far among those infected with coronavirus.

Earlier last week, the new type of coronavirus JN.1 was detected in the body of five people in the country. Three of them are from the capital and two from outside Dhaka. Last Thursday, the government’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) reported the information.

This new type of coronavirus was detected in Kerala, India, at the end of last year. Many scientists in the world have expressed concern about this type named JN.1. They say it is more contagious than any previous type of corona.

Scientists’ initial hypothesis is that the Corona Omicron type is BA.2.86 or this JN.1 type, similar to Pirola. It was first detected in America last September. Then on December 15 this type was detected in the bodies of seven people in India.

A woman in Kerala, India, who was diagnosed with the Jn.1 type of corona showed mild flu-like symptoms. Initially this seems to be the symptom of the disease.


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