Home News Of the 21 complaints against Golap, 20 have not been addressed

Of the 21 complaints against Golap, 20 have not been addressed

Of the 21 complaints against Golap, 20 have not been addressed

Tahmina Begum, an independent candidate of Eagle symbol, has filed 21 written complaints against Awami League candidate Abdus Sobhan Mia Golap in Madaripur-3 constituency for violation of code of conduct to the returning officer. Among these, two officers in charge of Kalkini and Dasar police stations were withdrawn after taking cognizance of one complaint, but no action was taken regarding the remaining 20 complaints.

Independent candidate Tahmina Begum alleged that the boat candidate and his supporters violated the code of conduct and conducted election campaign but no disciplinary action is being taken against them. As a result, there has been an increase in fear among the general voters about fair elections.

However, the boat candidate Abdus Sobhan Mia Golap has claimed that these allegations are baseless.

Madaripur District Election Inquiry Committee Chairman and Joint District Judge (Land Survey Tribunal) Md. Peshkar Mohammad Anwar Hossain working in the court of Shariful Haque said, ‘Every complaint that comes to us has been investigated and heard. Then the recommendation to take action against them is sent to the Election Commission’s law wing. From there the order to take action will come. However, we have not received any return letter of the number of recommendations that have been sent.’

According to the sources of District Election Commission and Returning Officer’s office, independent candidate Tahmina Begum has made 21 written complaints from the day campaign started till Thursday (January 4). Among these are the bombing of Eagle’s election campaign against the boat candidate, hacking of workers, vandalizing and locking of camps, tearing down posters in various areas, beating workers, threatening voters. Boat candidates have also made five allegations against Eagle symbol candidate Tahmina Begum.

Most of these complaints are forwarded by the Returning Officer’s office to the District Election Inquiry Committee for action. This committee investigates and scrutinizes the allegations. A show cause notice is then issued to the candidates and their supporters or workers. Candidates and supporters are given amnesty if they get satisfactory answers. And if they get an unsatisfactory answer, a recommendation is sent to the Deputy Secretary (Law) branch of the Election Commission to take action against them.

However, independent candidate Tahmina Begum claims that no punitive measures have been taken as recommended by the Election Commission.

In this regard, District Election Officer Ahmed Ali said, ‘Though no punitive action has been taken by the EC, a warning notice has been issued to the candidate of Madaripur-3 Constituency Boat and Eagle. After that, if they do the same, then perhaps disciplinary action will be taken from the EC.’

Independent candidate Tahmina Begum said, ‘Boat candidate Golap is breaking the code of conduct one after another even before the symbol is allotted. The Election Commission is silent against Rose. So far we have filed 21 complaints. A complaint has been taken into consideration. We have not found any solution for the rest.’

Regarding the allegations, Abdus Sobhan Golap said, ‘Each and every complaint of an individual candidate is baseless, false and fabricated. We are not upset about these things.’

District Returning Officer and District Commissioner Mohammad Marufur Rashid Khan said, ‘We have some limitations. However, as soon as the written complaint is received from the candidate, it is sent to the Election Inquiry Committee. They will investigate and recommend action to the Election Commission. As per the instructions of the Election Commission, we also mourned the candidates. Action is not being taken, it is not really correct. However, we have taken all kinds of steps to make the election fair and impartial.

It is to be noted that Abdus Sobhan Golap, the campaign and publication secretary of Central Awami League and a current Member of Parliament, is the candidate for Madaripur-3 Constituency (a part of Kalkini, Dasar and Sadar). His strong rival is Tahmina Begum, the current Member of Parliament from the reserved women’s seat and president of Kalkini Upazila Awami League. Apart from these two candidates, four other party candidates are contesting this seat. However, there is no election campaign of those four candidates.