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Now Simon is protesting because his film was released with import: Ilyas Kanchan

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Suddenly, filmmaker Simon Sadiq has resigned from the post of deputy general secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Actor Ilyas Kanchan, president of the association, does not see the issue positively. He said, ‘The term of the current association is nearing its end. Election next month. What is there to ask for exemption when the last time comes!’

He also thinks it is intentional. This Simon has written a letter to the president of the association, Ilyas Kanchan, asking for ‘exemption from the post’. Said that Simon took this decision because of his differences with the Film Artists Association on some recent issues.

His comment given to Independent Digital is as follows – “I cannot agree with some of the decisions and policies taken by the association recently. Especially in the SAFTA agreement, the domestic film industry has been threatened by the import of foreign language films and the executive council of the association has played a completely passive role in this controversial situation. Which is not acceptable to me. My film ‘Shesh Baaji’ was released on January 19. Another foreign film was released on the same day against the rules and screened in most of our cinema halls. Because of this, our film industry and my career suffered a lot.”

Referring to Simon’s complaints, the president of the association Elias Kanchan said, ‘Simon is also an important leader of this committee. The issues he talked about, he never sat in the committee meeting! Never presented. Why did he come at the last minute and say these words?’

He also said, ‘I think that he has suddenly become a protester because his film was released along with an imported film. If not, why didn’t he speak about it earlier. He is also an important leader, why was he inactive!’

Incidentally, three films were released on January 19 – Hubba, Neh Baaji, Kaggeer Bauu. According to the rules, if two domestic films are released, the imported films will not be screened. But finally the Indian film Hubba starring Musharraf Karim was released. Which is also the highest cinema hall.


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