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Now AI has learned to copy handwriting

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Artificial intelligence or AI has had a great impact on the world of human thought. Now AI has learned to copy human handwriting.

Recently, researchers at Mohammed Bin Zayed University in Abu Dhabi have discovered a new technology that can copy writing from human handwriting samples. Researchers have basically used a transformer model for this technology. It is a type of neural network designed to understand the context and meaning of something.

Recently, AI technology’s deepfake video created a stir by imitating the faces of several celebrities. Along with deepfakes, AI voice clones have also created alarm. Where there are allegations that people are being cheated by imitating a person’s voice exactly.

Now AI has learned to copy handwriting. Many people will be in danger if it is misused. The university where this technology was invented is known as the world’s first AI university. The technology will be developed step by step, although the university researchers have not yet brought this feature to the public.

Today there are several advanced technologies and robots that can reproduce human handwriting. But this technology is claimed to better recognize the context, meaning and pattern of that writing. Through this technology, any human handwriting will be written accurately without a pen. If it goes to the public, it can be a big danger, said two researchers of the university.

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