Home News North Korea has tested a solid fuel engine for hypersonic missiles

North Korea has tested a solid fuel engine for hypersonic missiles

North Korea has tested a solid fuel engine for hypersonic missiles

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw the successful test of a solid-fuel rocket engine for a new type of medium-range hypersonic missile. This was announced on Wednesday by the North Korean state media, the AFP and AP agencies inform.

The test was carried out on Tuesday at the Sohae Satellite Launch Center, and it was a ground test of a multi-stage engine, state news agency KCNA said. She added that the missile being developed has a “new strategic value”.


Kim said the military strategic value of this weapon is as important as intercontinental ballistic missiles and “enemies should know about it”.

According to the media, the timetable for the completion of this new weapon system was also determined through this “successful important test”.

More frequent tests of advanced technologies related to solid-fuel rockets have long been one of Kim’s key goals, writes AFP. Last year, North Korea announced the successful test of the first intercontinental ballistic missile on solid fuel, which it called a breakthrough in its anti-nuclear capabilities.


According to experts, solid fuel rockets are operationally safer and easier to use compared to liquid fuel rockets. Solid fuel rockets do not need to be filled with propellants before launch, which makes them more difficult to find and destroy. In addition, use them faster.

The AP points out that advanced weapons systems, including a medium-range hypersonic missile being developed, can also hit American targets – for example, the island of Guam, as a key US military base in the Pacific.

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