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North Korea has launched a missile capable of hitting America

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North Korea has launched a long-range ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States as part of a record weapons test this year, drawing criticism from Western nations. Officials of South Korea and Japan said that this missile was launched on Monday.

According to the news agency Reuters, North Korea has tested two ballistic missiles within a few hours of Monday morning. America has already imposed sanctions on the country in the case of ballistic missile tests. However, despite this ban, Kim Jong Un’s country continues to conduct ballistic missile tests one after another.

South Korea said the missile was believed to have been fired from a high altitude. The South Korean military believes the elevated platform was used to prevent the missile from hitting neighboring countries. They said that the missile traveled about 1000 kilometers before crashing into the Sea of ​​Japan.

According to Japan, this missile is believed to have a range of 15,000 kilometers. That is, it is capable of hitting the American mainland. North Korea’s missile flew for about 73 minutes on Monday.

The missile was fired from an area near the capital Pyongyang towards the sea off the east coast of North Korea. The missile has a range of about 1000 km. On this day, the Japanese Coast Guard said that the missile fell into the sea west of Hokkaido.

Earlier, Pyongyang successfully tested a short-range missile on Sunday night. The missile had traveled about 570 km and fell into the sea.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called the missile launch a violation of Security Council resolutions. He said, this incident is a threat to peace and stability. The US State Department also issued a statement condemning the missile test. However, North Korea has not yet given any information on this matter.


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