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Nora Fatehi in Kannada industry for the first time

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Nora Fatehi is currently at the peak of popularity in Bollywood. She caught the attention of the whole world as an item girl. However, he has not yet been seen in any movie in a leading role in his career. There is no shortage of complaints from this model-actress about this. Now maybe that regret is going to settle down a bit. He has written his name in a Kannada film for the first time. The name of the film is ‘KD – The Devil’. Directed by Southern filmmaker Prem. News from The Telegraph.

Nora Fatehi was recently signed for two films by the production company KVN Productions. This film is one of his projects. Earlier, the actress has worked in the Telugu industry, but this is the first time the actress has stepped into Kannada.

Nora is very excited about the movie. He said, “This initiative is a great opportunity to connect with a new audience and brings out different aspects of Karnataka’s storytelling tradition. I can’t wait to show the audience what we have in store.”

In addition to Nora, Bollywood’s Sanjay Dutt and Shilpa Shetty are present in this film. On Tuesday (January 23), the production company shared a glimpse of the shooting set on Instagram. Where Nora and Sanjay Dutt were seen.

The caption added by KVN, ‘Invincible beauty Nora Fatehi came to the battlefield of KD to break hearts.’

The production company further said, ‘We are extremely happy to welcome Nora to Kannada. His talent is unparalleled. We believe his presence will add another dimension to our film.’

About Nora, director Prem said, ‘Nora’s addition will take the film to new heights. He brings a lot of dedication and dedication to work. I have immense faith in this global sensation.’

It is known that the movie is planned to be released this year. It stars Dakshina actors Dhruv Sarja, V Ravichandra and Reshma Nanaiah among others.


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