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Non-compliance with poster posting rules may result in removal

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The rule is to remove the posters put up by the candidates during the election campaign. But Dhaka North and South City Corporation had to do that. There is a problem in removing the poster for not following the rules. For this, the corporation has incurred an additional cost of around 45 lakhs.

Officials complained that it was difficult to destroy the posters due to lamination.

Around the election, the entire city is covered with posters of candidates. Posters are attached with various cables without following the rules. Apart from this many candidates have done poster lamination.

As per the rules, the candidates are supposed to remove the posters after the election. For not doing that, the city corporation had to do the work. North City Corporation had to remove about 213 tonnes of poster waste. It costs about 22 lakh 40 thousand taka.

Mofizur Rahman Bhuiyan, deputy head of waste management of Dhaka North City Corporation, said that in many places, the posters were laminated, fixed with dish cables or electrical wires, and there was a problem in their removal.

South City has to dispose of almost the same amount of poster waste. 2.2 million rupees have been spent. Officials say that if the candidates were careful about putting up the posters, the trouble would have been less. Mayor Tapas is unhappy with the MP candidates who do not follow the rules.

Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said that poster lamination is against environmental policy and election code of conduct. It is more difficult to remove these posters.

Meanwhile, most of the posters in Dhaka have been removed. About six thousand cleaning workers of two corporations worked.


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