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No signal of opposition yet: GM Kader

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Jatiya Party Chairman and Rangpur-3 Constituency Member of Parliament GM Quader said, “We have not heard anything so far. But we hope that we will get an opinion from the speaker before the start of the parliament session.

He said these things while talking to reporters at Skyview, his ancestral home in Rangpur city on Saturday afternoon.

At that time, GM Quader said, “The resolution of the parliamentary party of Jatiya Party regarding the opposition party has been sent to the Speaker, I hope that the Jatiya Party will be made into an opposition party according to the law before the Parliament sits.”

Earlier, he came to Rangpur on a 5-day visit from Dhaka and visited the shrine of the party’s late chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad at Palli Nibas.

GM Quader said, ‘There is no danger of breaking the national fabric, those who misunderstood after the election, they realized their mistake later. Since the Jatiya Party left power, there has been a conspiracy to break it up.’

Talking about being in the opposition party, GM Quader said, ‘We were the main opposition party in the last Parliament. We have always played the role of the opposition party for the welfare of the country and nation. We have brought up the demands to be raised on behalf of the people, along with constructive criticism of the government and our recommendations on irregularities and corruption. We are still doing that politics.’

Jatiya Party chairman said, ‘Awami League is one of the two main parties in the current parliament. They formed the government as a party on the basis of the boat brand. Then we 11 parliamentarians of Jatiya Party with the plow symbol is another political party. And those who are there are within the consensus of Awami League. That’s why we think that the Jatiya Party can play an important role as an opposition party to the government.

GM Quader also said, ‘If the government does not position the Jatiya Party as an opposition party, then for the welfare of the country and the nation, it will be our responsibility to criticize the government as the only party against the government. Bringing up the government’s mistakes in the eyes of the people and recommending them to the parliament to guide the government in the right direction. So at any stage our decision is that we will play the role of opposition party. It is more important at the moment.’

The former minister said, ‘It is within the purview of the speaker to determine the leader of the opposition or other posts. Although we know overall it (opposition party) should get Jatiya Party. What we have decided is that we have taken a resolution from the parliamentary party of Jatiya Party proposing me as the leader of the opposition, Anisul Islam Mahmud as the deputy leader and Mojibul Haque Chunnu as the chief whip. We have submitted that to the Speaker through a letter.

There were protests in Dhaka after the election. Many have been expelled. There are rumors that the party is breaking up and a new party is also being formed. Regarding the position of the Jatiya Party in this situation, GM Quader said, ‘The Jatiya Party has been a victim of conspiracy for a long time. There have been many conspiracies against the Jatiya Party at different times since its withdrawal from the government. Many things worked in this case. Hussain Muhammad Ershad, the founder chairman of our party, had a huge popularity. His opponents tried to spoil it in various ways. There have been many conspiracies and lies, which have later been proven false. But now I don’t see the possibility of breaking up.’

On this occasion, Jatiya Party Vice Chairman and Rangpur Metropolitan Jatiya Party General Secretary SM Yasir, Jatiya Party Central Organizing Secretary and Rangpur District Member Secretary Haji Abdur Razzak, Jatiya Party Chairman’s Advisor Alauddin Mia and Jatiya Party Central Cultural Secretary Ajmal Hossain Lebu were present. Jatiya Party central joint organizational secretary and joint convener of Rangpur district. Shafiur Rahman Shafi, central member and senior vice-president of Rangpur metropolis Lokman Hossain, vice-president Jahedul Islam, president of Jatiya Jubo Saghati Rangpur district Hasanuzzaman Nazim, convenor of Sadar Upazila Jatiya Party Masud Masud Nabi Munna etc.


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