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No shortage of Ramadan products: Finance Minister

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Finance Minister AH Mahmud Ali has said that there are sufficient quantities of products that are needed ahead of Ramadan. He said this at the end of an inter-ministerial meeting at the Secretariat on Sunday evening.

The Finance Minister said, ‘There is sufficient quantity of products that are needed ahead of Ramadan, there is no reason to worry. Some circles try to take advantage of Ramzan and confuse the situation. But the government is trying to keep the prices of products affordable. Strict disciplinary action will be taken if necessary. I think that situation has not happened yet.

Despite the increase in imports, the market has become unstable two months before fasting. Increased prices of chickpeas, dates, peas, soybeans and other products have been seen in the market. Traders are citing increased costs due to the dollar crisis and the effects of war to increase prices.

Finance Minister Mahmud Ali said that steps are being taken to reduce the prices of products, “Steps are being taken to reduce the prices of various products. It has decreased a bit, it will decrease more in the future.’

In the meeting, Fisheries and Livestock Minister Md. Abdur Rahman said that there is no lack of goodwill of the government to control the price of products. He said, ‘The inter-ministerial meeting is an expression of the government’s goodwill. There is no shortage of commodities in the market but there are occasional problems due to the manipulation of some middlemen. The government will soon take strict action in this regard. Specific measures will be taken like canceling the license or clearance.

In the meeting, Bangladesh Bank Governor Abdur Rauf Talukder said that 10-15 percent more LCs have been opened for the eight products required in Ramadan than last year.

The governor of the central bank said, “Because there is no dollar crisis, LC has been opened for more products than last time.”


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