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No one went to vote in 19 centers in Khagrachari

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No voter went to vote in 19 centers of 3 upazilas in Khagrachari. Among them, 11 centers in Panchari upazila, 5 in Lakshmichari and 3 in Dighinala were empty. This information is known from the results announced at the end of voting today.

Panchhari Upazila Executive Officer and Assistant Returning Officer Anjan Dash said, Logang Karlyachhari Government Primary School, Tarabon Government Primary School, Chenggi Government Primary School, Shuknachhari Government Primary School, Shantipur Government Primary School, Kishtamani Para Government Primary School, Bara Panchhari (North) Govt. Primary School, Dhudukchara Government Primary School, Latiban Government Primary School, Moratila Government Primary School No voter voted in the centre. Besides, only 1 voter voted in South Latiban Government Primary School Centre.

On the other hand, Lakshmichari Upazila Executive Officer and Assistant Returning Officer Sultana Razia said that 4 centers in Burmachari Union and 1 center in Lakshmichari Sadar Union remained void due to voters not coming to the polling station.

Dighinala Executive Officer and Assistant Returning Officer. Mamunur Rashid said that no voter cast their vote in Nunchhari Government Primary School, Jarulchhari Government Primary School and Baghaichhari Government Primary School centers of the upazila. All of these centers are Pahari voters.

The district Awami League has blamed UPDF’s vote boycott program for the absence of votes in 19 centers. Khagrachari District Awami League General Secretary Nirmulendu Chowdhury said, ‘UPDF had announced the boycott. As they are armed organizations people did not come to the center to vote for fear of them. Due to this, the voter turnout in the centers of remote areas has decreased.

However, UPDF organizer Angya Marma denied this accusation and said, ‘People have no confidence in the elections. So the voters protested by not voting.’


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