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No one in this parliament has any shame: Gayeshwar

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Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, a member of the BNP Standing Committee, said, ‘The session of the 12th National Parliament is starting with the rebuke of the people of the whole country. No one in this parliament has any shame.’

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy made these comments in front of the National Press Club of the capital on Tuesday morning during the human chain regarding the cancellation of the BSPP dummy parliament and the one-point demand.

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy asked why the treasury of Bangladesh is empty and said that instead of investing in the country by looting, money is sent abroad. There is no employment provision.

This member of the BNP Standing Committee said, ‘The strategy of fighting changes. But the fight is ongoing, the fight does not stop. BNP is fighting to save democracy through peaceful movement. 7-8 percent people voted. The remaining 94 percent of people don’t want anyone.’

Claiming that 7-8 percent of working class people were forcibly taken to polling booths by the ruling party, Gayeshwar said, ‘Let the people have a peaceful protest, otherwise the anger will explode. This government is not the government of Bangladesh, this government is the government of Russia and India.


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