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No one in the village wears shoes

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There is a village in India where all the residents live barefoot. They don’t wear any kind of shoes. Even if he needs to go somewhere outside the village, he travels without shoes. Such information has been revealed in a BBC report.

Although it may sound surprising, there is such a village 50 km away from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India. The name of this village is Vemana Indlu. The residents of the village say that this is their old tradition. There are some other strange customs in this village including not wearing shoes. Even if someone in the family is sick, they don’t go to the hospital. And if for some reason they need to go to their relative’s house or need to go somewhere else, they do not eat any outside food.

Villagers said that when the District Magistrate entered the village, he also took off his shoes before entering the village. Village head Irabba told the BBC, ‘This custom has been going on since our community started living in this village. When we go out of the village, we come back and bathe first and then enter the house and eat.’

Irabba also said, ‘I had to go out of the village many times. Once I had to stay out of the village for five days on a court errand. I didn’t even touch any outside food. I take water from home to drink.’

The village has 25 houses, with a total population of 80 people. There are total 52 voters in this village. Only a handful of them have passed graduation. People here are dependent on agriculture.

Interestingly, their relatives who come to visit this village also have to follow this custom of not wearing shoes.


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