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No objection to acting if there is no scene with Nipun: Zayed Khan

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Operation Jackpot is the most glorious chapter of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. A film is being made on the heroics of this guerilla operation conducted by the naval sector. Which is named —Operation Jackpot.

The movie produced under the supervision of Ministry of Liberation War Affairs will be jointly directed by Delwar Jahan Jhantu of Bangladesh and Rajiv Biswas of India. The movie was officially announced at a press conference at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) on Wednesday (December 27).
It was heard that Nipun Akhtar and Zayed Khan will act together in this movie, forgetting the organizational conflict. Although Nipun’s name was mentioned in yesterday’s announcement, Zayed Khan’s name was not mentioned. There are rumors that this actor has dropped out of the film. However, Zayed, the most ‘viral man’ of 2023, said that he has not discussed the film yet. But the initial conversation has been done.

On the other hand, Nipun said that if Zayed Khan works in this movie, he will not do it. When he signed the film, he did not know that Zayed Khan was in it. Nipun said that he will return the signing money of the movie soon.

On the other hand, Zaid does not mind if he is skilled in the film. However, conditions apply. The hero told Independent Digital, ‘I went to Dubai. I returned to Dhaka today (December 28). I want to sit with the production company first. Then decide. I don’t mind taking pictures. But if it is not in one frame (with skill).’

Zayed said that he will sit down with the production company within days.
Earlier, Bappi Chowdhury withdrew from Operation Jackpot. In a video message explaining the reason, Bappi said, ‘I signed the contract for the movie believing what I was told verbally. Later when I get the script, I feel like I shouldn’t be doing the job. That’s why to withdraw.’

It is known that the shooting of the movie will start in Bangladesh from Friday. Shooting in the country and abroad will continue till March. The budget of the movie is Rs 21 crore.
According to the announcement, Anant Jalil, Amit Hasan, Ziaul Roshan, Mamnoon Emon, Nirab Hossain, Joy Chowdhury, Sanju John, Shipon Mitra and Aman Reza will play the roles of naval officers in Operation Jackpot. Ahmed Sharif, Elias Kanchan, Misha Saudagar, Danny Sidak, Nipun, Khorshed Alam Khosru, Kazi Hayat and others will also act.


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