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No need to import rice: Agriculture Minister

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Agriculture Minister Abdus Shahid said, ‘There is no shortage of fertilizer and rice in the country, so there is no need to import these from outside. Now you just have to control the market. Those who create artificial crisis by hoarding rice should be brought under the law.

The minister said these things in the speech of the chief guest at a meeting of the district level law and order committee at the conference room of Moulvibazar district administration on Thursday afternoon.

At that time he said, ‘If the farmer lives, the country will live. We are all children of farmer family. The development of the country will only happen if the farmers develop. We want to increase agricultural production. For this, agricultural materials including fertilizers and seeds will be provided.

Regarding the import of rice, the minister also said, ‘Many countries are not exporting rice, since we are not exporting rice, we do not have any shortage of rice. We some ministers have decided not to import rice. If the people of this country suffer then the people’s vote will not be worth it People should be given rest and full meals for two days.’

Presently there is no shortage of fertiliser, seed, irrigation and electricity, the minister said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is very sincere about farmers and agriculture. We have to use this sincerity to increase agricultural production. There will be no shortage of agricultural inputs during the Awami League government.

Agriculture Minister Abdus Shahid also said that the Deputy Commissioner has already been instructed to take strict measures including jail and fine by conducting mobile courts to prevent hoarding of rice.

Under the chairmanship of Moulvibazar District Commissioner Urmi Binte Salam, Member of Parliament of Moulvibazar-2 Constituency Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, Member of Parliament of Moulvibazar-3 Constituency Mohammad Zillur Rahman and district level officials spoke.


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