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No fear of US sanctions on labor rights issue: BKMEA

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The country’s position on labor rights is positive. Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association – BKMEA believes that there is no fear of American sanctions. The organization said this in a seminar at the Economic Reports Forum-ERF office on Monday. In the seminar, the labor leaders emphasized on reducing the irregularities of the Ministry of Labor to maintain the international labor standards.

In November, the workers started a movement demanding an increase in wages. Within a few weeks, the United States announced a new labor rights policy. It is said that the United States will impose various restrictions, including trade sanctions, on those who take away the rights of workers, intimidate or attack them around the world. The ministry received a letter in this regard from the Washington embassy.

At the seminar, Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association BKMEA said that although Bangladesh is lagging behind internationally, it is ahead of several countries including China. The country has a positive stance on labor rights. So America has no time to impose sanctions. However, banning for political reasons is a different matter.

BKMEA Executive President Mohammad Hatem, ‘There is nothing to talk about the working environment of workers in Bangladesh is good enough. A ban can only be for political reasons. The government has to take action for this.’

Traders urge to solve diplomatic problems with the passing of the political crisis to further advance the garment sector.

BGMEA director ANM Saifuddin said, ‘Rumours are being spread that trade restrictions may be imposed due to conditions in the letter of credit or LC. There is no basis for such a claim.’

The labor leaders emphasized on eliminating corruption in the Ministry of Labor by emphasizing on trade unions to ensure proper labor rights.

Labor leader Touhidur Rahman said, ‘Due to the pressure of foreigners, the working environment of the garment sector has improved more than before. If the ban comes, the garment sector will suffer.’

To form a transparent trade union, labor leaders need to be workers. The speakers advised the owners to face the challenges of labor management without fearing the workers.


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