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No candidate went to seek votes in Shariatpur’s Bedepalli

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There are 326 voters in Munsirhat Bedepalli of Shariatpur’s Sadar Upazila, but no candidate went to seek votes. They don’t even know when the elections will be held. About 300 families have no posters hanging on their houses, walls or trees. The voters of Bedepalli have expressed their anger.

It is known that at least 1,500 people of Bede community are living in Bedepalli with an area of ​​about 10 acres. About 300 small and big families live in this bedepalli on the banks of Kirtinasha river in Munsirhat area of ​​Domsar union of Shariatpur Sadar upazila. Having lived for more than 25 years, many Vedas have bought land and built houses here. But while some of them are in good financial condition, most of them are very low income. The 12th National Assembly election tomorrow. But there is no voting mood in Bede village. They are passing their time like any other day.

The members of Bedepalli said that there is no election banner poster or leaflet in Bedepalli. No candidate came to seek votes. They have no idea who is standing in the election or what brand. Many voters expressed regret. However, they hope to go to the polling station and vote.

However, Awami League candidate Iqbal Hossain Apu supporter Shariatpur District Jubo League General Secretary Md. denied the allegations. Nuhun Madbar said, ‘We went to Munsirhat Bedepalli to seek votes. But I asked those who put up posters to put up posters. If it is not attached, it has not been fixed.’

Five candidates including Awami League (Boat) in Shariatpur-1 seat. There are 3 lakh 65 thousand 339 votes. 135 centers will be polled in the 12th National Assembly elections tomorrow, January 7.


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