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Nitish Kumar is the seventh Chief Minister of Bihar holding the hands of BJP

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India is not staying in the alliance. Such rumors have been going on for quite some time. This time, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar went out of the alliance and joined hands with the BJP. If everything goes well, Nitish’s party JDU is going to form Bihar government soon along with BJP.

According to several sources, the Indian media NDTV is saying that Janata Dal (United) president Nitish is going to take oath as the chief minister for the seventh time with the grace of BJP. In the meantime, his talks with the BJP’s top leadership have been finalized.

If everything goes well, Nitish can resign from his previous position and take oath as Chief Minister next Sunday or a few days after that. However, for this BJP will have to give the post of his deputy. There will be no re-election. The assembly will not break either. Voting will be next year.

A group of top leadership of Bihar BJP went to Delhi from Patna on Thursday. They had a meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah till Friday morning. After the BJP leaders returned to Patna, the possibility of a change of government has strengthened. They indicated that.

This time too Nitish will leave two deputy chief minister posts to BJP. The ministerial position will be fixed according to the formula of the previous government supported by BJP. BJP has not yet decided on JDU president’s proposal on only one issue. Nitish wants Lok Sabha and Assembly polls to be held simultaneously in Bihar. RJD and Congress, two partners of the current ruling coalition, did not agree to Nitish’s proposal. On the other hand, BJP also did not give an opinion.

According to the JDU sources, Nitish is joining the hands of the BJP after breaking the alliance without giving India the status it deserves. JDU demanded to make him the Prime Minister of India Alliance. Nitish himself wanted that. Keeping that goal in mind, the state went to the state and brought the opposition parties under one umbrella. But he was not given the important post of India alliance. In the last meeting of the alliance, Congress proposed to convene Nitish but no decision was taken.


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