Home News Niece revealed everything when she came to take treatment of her aunt in Dham

Niece revealed everything when she came to take treatment of her aunt in Dham

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Monira Akhter succumbed to the fraudsters while shaking the handkerchief saying ‘You heard, your patient will be treated well’. The impostor then removed the necklace, earring, ring and anklet as per the trick. The fraudster then followed the two women to the front of the hospital’s garden gate. When Hus returned, he turned around and saw that the two deceitful women were not by his side. The victim told Independent Television about the matter in a tearful voice.

The incident took place near the pocket gate stairs of the main gate of Dhaka Medical College Hospital around 1:00 p.m. today, Sunday.

The victim, Monira Akhter, said that she brought her aunt Wada Begum to Dhaka Medical from Kalukhali Upazila of Rajbari yesterday on Saturday around noon with kidney problem. His aunt was supposed to have an operation around noon today. So this incident happened while going to the operation theater with my aunt.

‘Brother, we are very poor people and have collected money with a lot of difficulty and brought our aunt to Dhaka. I could not understand anything about how those two cheating women did. I opened all my jewelry as they said. I don’t know how I did it myself.’- said Monira with tears in her eyes.

In this regard, the platoon commander (PC) of Ansar who is in charge of the security of DMK Hospital. When asked by Ujjal Bepari, he said, ‘I collected the CCTV footage of the scene as soon as the victim’s complaint was received. Efforts are being made to identify the fraudsters in this regard.

In charge of police camp of DMK Hospital. Bachchu Mia said, ‘So far no such complaint has come to us. If there is any complaint then we will ask the victim woman to contact Shahbag police station.’


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