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Nicolina, gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free desserts

Nicolina, gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free desserts

We have found the temple of all intolerant enjoyment. It is called Nicolina and it is a pastry shop in which its preparations do not contain gluten, lactose, or sugar. That is to say, we have discovered a healthier pastry with delicious options for diabetics, celiacs, lactose intolerant, milk protein, vegans… Be careful, because if you don’t know that the snack is made without the three without, you won’t even notice it. , despite the belief that certain ingredients are what give us that flavor and texture that is so recognizable to us. The author is Andrea Villalonga and she tells us that the project arose after giving birth to her son, to whom she wanted to give the healthiest diet possible. Passionate about cooking, she trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Afterwards, he worked in a couple of restaurants and, upon returning to Madrid, he decided to set up his own catering business, which he continued until he decided to pursue his career in a marketing agency: «I did a master’s degree while working and some chemistry courses related to baking”, he says while confirming that, as he missed cooking, he wrote a blog in the magazine “Hello!”, and even a book, which he has not yet published, but, in reality, what makes him The dream is to prepare all those recipes gathered in it, all gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free.

A clean diet

It uses traditional techniques on healthy ingredients, which implies a very extensive knowledge of the possibilities of each of them. An art that makes sense when linked to a very careful aesthetic, which translates all the R&D work behind each bite. Surely, you will have tried Taart’s creations, because it is the initial name of the project, which continues with the same philosophy. Simply put, when the baker wanted to register the brand, someone had beaten her to it: “It was a hard moment, because we were making ourselves known,” she admits. But, she got up from the fall and called the concept Nicolina (her son is called Nicolás): «It is a healthy pastry, which, every time, is becoming more so. It’s very complicated, because, to begin with, the word healthy means one thing to some people and another to others. For her, since she does not have any intolerance, she means eating as clean a diet as possible. That is, the use of unrefined flours and processes in which the fats are not saturated. In short, it is a good and healthy way of eating. She decided to specialize in this type of pastry with the aim of offering those delicacies that we like so much to the many people who suffer from some intolerance, but also because she knows that gluten and lactose are inflammatory: «In my house, we had always talked about opening a pastry shop with sugar-free products. My grandfather was diabetic and he was passionate about eating and he still ate it. For my parents it was a drama to see him try sweets. To replace it with other ingredients, she continues, “knowledge of the raw materials comes into play. About the flours, about the humidity, about how they work in the heat and cold, about the mixtures with other ingredients. “You have to be a bit of an alchemist to make the recipes round and delicious.” The best? At Nicolina you order any dessert and you don’t notice the lack of sugar: «There are diners who shy away from this concept of pastry shops, because they think that just because they don’t have it, the bite will not be good. And with the vegan issue, I won’t even tell you. But it is a cultural issue, which we are going to keep more and more in mind. But in Spain we are very special, we have such roots that these new trends push back.” What to try? The sugar-free and gluten-free donut, the chocolate rocks and the cookies. Among the cakes, the lemon one with meringue, the cheese one, the carrot one, the Santiago one or one of the four chocolate ones. Hard choise.

lemon cake with meringue, from Nicolina pastry shop.
lemon cake with meringue, from Nicolina pastry shop.Assigned

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Lemon pie with meringue

► In addition to the cakes, the tea cakes, the granolas, the jars of 100% natural nut cream, dulce de leche, jams, a homemade Nutella cream and a kindergarten one with white chocolate are exciting. Delicacies that can also be ordered through nicolina.es


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