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‘Neymar would have been the best if he hadn’t distanced himself from Messi’

by Afonso
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Barcelona has not had a dreamy time then! Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez – the trinity that played together in the Barcelona jersey. In the eyes of many, he is the best striker of all time.

The trio broke up in August 2017 due to Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona and go to PSG. But it probably goes without saying in retrospect that the decision didn’t bode well for either side – Neymar or Barcelona. Suarez, Neymar’s partner in the triathlon, is now saying that Neymar could have been the best if he hadn’t moved away from Messi!

Real Madrid fans may have different claims in the debate over whether this treble is the best. It is Real Madrid who has turned the baton in the Champions League title, Madrid won the Champions League in both seasons before and after Barcelona’s 2014-15 title. But in contrast, Barcelona fans can also claim that, in the 2014-15 season, Barcelona won the treble of the Champions League as well as the League and the Spanish Cup, which is an achievement twice in the history of Barca, but not once in the history of Madrid.

And keeping the account of the title aside, it is really difficult to find in the history of attacking football that can surpass the trinity of Messi-Neymar-Suarez in terms of beauty!

In August 2017, a decision by Neymar broke that trio, Neymar went to PSG for a world record transfer fee of 222.2 million euros. At the time, it was said, Neymar left Barcelona to be ‘the best’ in his own right, ‘no longer in Messi’s shadow’.

But the decision came as a boomerang for Neymar. Also for Barca. Barcelona have suffered from the mismanagement of his transfer money, with Neymar suffering from a succession of injuries and a disorganized team. It has been such a situation that Neymar was desperate to return to Barca, and PSG has been selling Neymar today, selling him tomorrow for the past two or three seasons. After nearly six years of failure in Paris, at the beginning of this season, Neymar finally joined Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia at the age of 31!

“We were very good friends,” Suarez told YouTube channel Clank six years ago after Neymar’s decision to leave Barca. I knew that if we do our job properly on the field, then Barcelona will be the best. If one of us didn’t play, the other two would try to make a difference on the field.’

It seems that Neymar’s exit from such a relationship was not right, Suarez said, ‘We had a wonderful relationship. We told him that it was wrong for him to go to PSG. (Neymar) could not have been better than Leo (Messi). But he made that decision then, there is a vacancy in the team.’


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